Weighing in and Making Changes

In May 2018, I had knee surgery to remove scar tissue following a pretty bad car accident. On June 4, 2018, I started the Keto Diet, and by October of 2018, I had lost 100 pounds. That’s a lot of weight in a short period of time, and I’m not ashamed to share with all of you that I have gained a lot of it back. I could list the excuses for why, but that does me no good.

I should clarify that I have not gained all the 100 pounds back. I’ve managed to keep 30-35 pounds off, but I know that I need to lose the 65-70 that I picked back up.

I had a physical recently, and everything was good except for slightly elevated LDL cholesterol. The normal range is under 100, and I was (at the time of my physical) at 109. So, that’s something that I am working on, along with my overall diet.

I’m also proud that I’ve hit my daily movement goal for over 135 days. That’s my Apple Watch telling me that I have achieved my daily calories burned goal. I’m still averaging around 6,500-9,000 steps per day, and I started doing some weight lifting, which has helped with my upper body strength.

I also feel like I have a pretty good idea with regard to my diet. It’s pretty clear the foods I should avoid and the foods I should consume to help with weight loss, but, if I’m being honest, I have been thinking about perhaps working with a dietitian to really get a firm grasp on things.

As much as I use and embrace technology, I do not see myself tracking what I eat in a fitness app. That’s just not for me. Bottom line my friends, this weight loss stuff is really, really hard.

My wife and I recently were discussing investing in a Peloton bike, because at least that way we would always have the motivation to use it. It’s really hard to find the time to make it to a local gym to work out. That said, I know so many of you do make it a point to carve out the time to workout, I need to do the same, or have a home gym.

I need to stop giving myself a hard time about gaining weight back. It’s just tough because I was very open and public with the success I had on the Keto Diet and how much weight I had lost. I know that no one is judging me for gaining weight back, but I do feel like in addition to letting myself down, I have perhaps in some way done the same for others.

My hope is to really focus on my health, cut some weight, and continue to decrease the after-work technology used to be fully there for my family. If you’re going through something similar, I hope you know that I empathize and support you. We’ve got this!