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    Weighing in and Making Changes

    Tony Tone
    Tony Tone has worked as a radio personality in Muscatine and the Quad Cities since 2006. He currently serves as Muscatine Community School District Communication and Community Outreach Director and writes Talk of the Town with Tony Tone for the Discover Muscatine newspaper.

    Muscatine Living

    In May 2018, I had knee surgery to remove scar tissue following a pretty bad car accident. On June 4, 2018, I started the Keto Diet, and by October of 2018, I had lost 100 pounds. That’s a lot of weight in a short period of time, and I’m not ashamed to share with all of you that I have gained a lot of it back. I could list the excuses for why, but that does me no good.

    I should clarify that I have not gained all the 100 pounds back. I’ve managed to keep 30-35 pounds off, but I know that I need to lose the 65-70 that I picked back up.

    I had a physical recently, and everything was good except for slightly elevated LDL cholesterol. The normal range is under 100, and I was (at the time of my physical) at 109. So, that’s something that I am working on, along with my overall diet.

    I’m also proud that I’ve hit my daily movement goal for over 135 days. That’s my Apple Watch telling me that I have achieved my daily calories burned goal. I’m still averaging around 6,500-9,000 steps per day, and I started doing some weight lifting, which has helped with my upper body strength.

    I also feel like I have a pretty good idea with regard to my diet. It’s pretty clear the foods I should avoid and the foods I should consume to help with weight loss, but, if I’m being honest, I have been thinking about perhaps working with a dietitian to really get a firm grasp on things.

    As much as I use and embrace technology, I do not see myself tracking what I eat in a fitness app. That’s just not for me. Bottom line my friends, this weight loss stuff is really, really hard.

    My wife and I recently were discussing investing in a Peloton bike, because at least that way we would always have the motivation to use it. It’s really hard to find the time to make it to a local gym to work out. That said, I know so many of you do make it a point to carve out the time to workout, I need to do the same, or have a home gym.

    I need to stop giving myself a hard time about gaining weight back. It’s just tough because I was very open and public with the success I had on the Keto Diet and how much weight I had lost. I know that no one is judging me for gaining weight back, but I do feel like in addition to letting myself down, I have perhaps in some way done the same for others.

    My hope is to really focus on my health, cut some weight, and continue to decrease the after-work technology used to be fully there for my family. If you’re going through something similar, I hope you know that I empathize and support you. We’ve got this!

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