Who makes your world come together?
by Rev. Eddie Cabrera
March 08, 2023

There was a little boy who wanted his dad to teach him how to play catch. One sunny day, the little boy’s father was sitting on the couch drinking a beer while watching a baseball game. The boy rushed into the house exclaiming, “Daddy, Daddy, show me how to play catch!”

Blankly staring at the T.V. screen, the father replied, “In a little while, son. Let me finish watching this inning. Come back in five minutes.”

“Okay, Daddy,” said the boy, and he ran out of the room. Five minutes later, the boy returned, “Daddy, let’s go play some catch now!”

The father turned to the boy and said, “Hold on, son, the inning isn’t quite over. Come back in five.”

“Okay, Daddy,” the boy said as he shuffled out of the room. Five minutes later he returned, ball and glove in hand, eagerly waiting for his father to play some catch. “Daddy, let’s go. I want to pretend I am a baseball star!” shouted the boy.

By this time, the father had cracked open another cold one, and another inning was being played. Frustrated by the boy’s constant interruptions, the dad scanned the room and noticed a magazine underneath the coffee table. On the cover was a large picture of the world. The father, who was angered and annoyed, began tearing the magazine cover into small pieces. After a few moments of shredding up the cover, the father placed the torn pieces in the hands of his son and said, “Son, once you put this picture of the world back together we can play catch, but don’t interrupt me again until you’re finished!”

A few minutes later, the boy shocked his dad with the world put together perfectly. Amazed, the dad asked how the boy put the world together so quickly. “It was simple,” the boy replied. “On the back of the world was a picture of a person and once I put the person together, that’s when the world came together.”

Who brings the world together for you? For me, it’s the Man from Galilee.

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