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    Wilton Scholastic Bowl Wins Small School Division at Chariton Competition

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    In their first competition of the season, the Wilton A Scholastic Bowl Team won the Small School Division at the Chariton Competition on Saturday, November 9th. The start of a promising string of competitions, Wilton will prove a fierce competitor in Scholastic Bowl tournaments across the region.

    A fun, fast-paced academic competition, Scholastic Bowl pits teams of four to five high school students against each other to see who can rack up the highest score. In twenty question matches, teams go head to head to see who can buzz in fastest and provide a right answer. Correctly answered questions give winners ten points and bonus questions. Incorrect answers allow the other team to steal the question and possibly make a comeback.

    At the Chariton competition, Wilton’s A Team went up against several other larger schools to eventually win the Small School Division. Marcia Hetzler, Wilton’s coach, felt pleased with the team’s achievements at their first big event of the year. “I am extremely proud of the students. We had to leave on a bus at 5:30 am to get there and didn’t get back home until 5:30 pm, so it [was] a long day. They are getting very good at specific strategies to use in the games,” she stated.

    Later this school year, Wilton Scholastic Bowl’s A and B teams (which also attended the Chariton Competition) will compete in both Mercer County, Illinois, and Waukee. Though each event presents different challenges, Hetzler thinks her students have positioned themselves to do well. “It is difficult to predict [how well they will do] because every game and day [is] different. . .. We have a lot of very bright students who bring with them a variety of wisdom and knowledge, so I think they will be successful,” she elaborated.

    However the students do, Hetzler feels certain that each will improve and get many benefits from competing in Scholastic Bowl this year. “A lot of these kids are not in sports,” she explained, “so it is a great way they can use their brains in a competition and experience success. We practice weekly, so hopefully their overall knowledge continues to grow.”

    With this year’s Scholastic Bowl season just getting under way, Wilton’s Scholastic Bowl Team will surely have more to celebrate. Their quick wit and on the spot thinking skills will distinguish them and give everyone in Wilton something to feel proud of too.

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