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Monday, September 27, 2021

    Work to Restore Mississippi Mist Underway

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    Staff from the City of Muscatine Department of Parks and Recreation (P&R) have started the process of removing Mississippi River mud from the Mississippi Mist (the Mist) and the pump house that services it, but that represents just the first step in restoring the fountain to service.

    The Mist, located in Riverside Park, remained covered by the floodwaters of the Mississippi River for over three months this spring, depositing a large amount of mud inside the fountain and inside the fountain’s pump house, located next to the Papoose Creek Lift Station. “Removing the mud is just the first step,” Richard Klimes, P&R Director, said. “We then have to go through the process of cleaning, sanitizing, and checking to see if the system still works.”

    As residents anxiously await the day the fountain will flow again, it will take a long time for P&R to repair it, allowing the public to enjoy its cooling mist again. Following cleaning and sanitizing, the fountain requires testing to ensure the equipment functions correctly and did not sustain damage from the floodwaters. The Mist, classified as a pool, will have to have the water tested and the system certified in compliance with state regulations before opening for public use again.

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