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    Community Foundation presents 2021 scholarships

    Community Foundation of Greater Muscatinehttps://www.muscatinecommunityfoundation.org/
    The Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine is a community-wide, county-wide charitable organization actively working to improve the quality of life in Muscatine County through philanthropy. For more information about applying for grants or establishing your own fund for granting purposes, call the Community Foundation at 563-264-3863 or visit the website at www.muscatinecommunityfoundation.org.

    Muscatine Living

    MUSCATINE, Iowa – Over $900,000 in scholarships have been awarded to Columbus Community, Louisa-Muscatine, Muscatine, Wapello, and Wilton High Schools’ graduates and Muscatine Community College students this year.

    The Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine, and their affiliate the Community Foundation of Louisa County, awarded over half a million dollars in scholarships. Muscatine Community College Foundation and Muscatine Community School District also awarded additional scholarships in partnership with the Community Foundation.

    “We are so thankful for the generosity of donors who make these scholarship awards possible,” said Lynsey Krusie, Program Manager. “Graduating seniors benefit greatly from the support of the community to lessen the financial burden of postsecondary education.”

    Supporters such as Bob and JoAnn Jensen present their scholarship awards to recipients each year. “Our family-owned business, Temp Associates & RJK, Inc., has been in business for 35 years and this is an opportunity for our family to give back to Muscatine area communities,” said Bob and JoAnn.

    The Temp Associates and RJK, Inc. Scholarship awards are presented to graduating seniors from three area high schools, including awards to four graduates of Muscatine High School, one graduate of Louisa-Muscatine, and one award to a Wilton graduate. These scholarships are $4,000 each year, and are renewable for an additional three years, for a total value of $16,000. Recipients, or a family member, have all worked for Temp Associates.

    “I am extremely grateful to have the absolute honor of receiving this very generous scholarship from Temp Associates and RJK, Inc.,” said Isabelle Rodriguez. “It means a lot to my family and me, and I am excited to continue my academic success at Scott Community College with the help of this scholarship.”

    Scholarships awarded by the Community Foundation and its donors, and the award recipients for each school, are listed below.

    Columbus Community High School:

    • Lisle (Doc) and Jeanette Luithly Scholarship: Jobie Lekwa

    Louisa-Muscatine High School:

    • Francis and Patricia Carroll Scholarship: Emilee Truitt
    • Muscatine County Soil & Water Conservation District’s Ralph L. Kirchner Memorial Scholarship: Emmy Fuller
    • Schlutz Future of Agriculture: Paul Hoopes
    • Temp Associates and RJK, Inc. Scholarship: Lukas Velez

    Muscatine High School:

    • Bernadette M. Rohling Memorial Scholarship: Emma Zillig, Olivia Harmon, Elise Finn, and Alexis Hirt
    • Brant W. Bruhn Memorial Scholarship: Kaylynn Salyars
    • Bruce C. Heezen Memorial Scholarship: Malia Washington-Cook, Avarie Eagle, Carlie Blazek, Elsy Barahona, Rebekah McNeeley, and Reed Ulses
    • Class of 1953 Scholarship: Lauren Simmering
    • Class of 1956 Scholarship: Tia Day and Brynn Reynolds
    • Class of 1974 Scholarship: Hallie Hansen
    • Class of 1984 Scholarship: Hannah Michaelson
    • Dianne R. Dalbey Memorial Scholarship: Jenna McLaughlin and Brooklyn Horton
    • Diwan-Nadkarni Charitable Scholarship: McKenna Riess
    • Donald and Dorothy Platt Scholarship: Kylee Klimes
    • Donald William Schroeder Memorial Scholarship (new in 2021): Cassandra Larsen
    • John A Watson Memorial Scholarship: Kylee Klimes
    • Russell N. Ward Scholarship: Nya Lenhard
    • Ed Ware Memorial Scholarship: Cassandra Larsen
    • Elaine May YMCA Scholarship: Kaylynn Salyars
    • Elvira Trevarthen Scholarship: Kaylee Dayton
    • Flickinger Learning Center Endowed Scholarship: Yahir Acosta-Gomez
    • Fosholt Scholarship in Engineering or Architecture: Scott Rininger
    • Fred Wookey Memorial Scholarship (new in 2021): Timothy Nimely
    • Gerald Garvin Memorial Scholarship: Jaylee Guiterrez
    • Graciela (Coca) V. Page Memorial Scholarship: Lesly Garcia-Hernandez
    • Hall of Honor Scholarship: Sofia Calderon
    • Harold & Corrine Marx Scholarship: Logan Rinnert
    • J. Heinz Scholarship: Jiselle Martinez
    • Illeen M. Rohling Memorial Scholarship: Aricka Ramser, Maria Engler, and Juan Mendoza-Perez
    • Jean Lettenberger Scholarship: Meagan Gray
    • Jeanette Phillips Crossroads Scholarship: Meagan Gray
    • Jeff Tank MHS Girls Basketball Memorial Scholarship: Madison Petersen and Zoey Long
    • Jill Moravec Memorial Muscatine Band Boosters Scholarship: Abigail Bovenkamp
    • Jim and Arlene Kaeding Memorial Scholarship: Kylee Klimes
    • John A. Wojtecki, Ph.D. Scholarship (new in 2021): Katherine Eads
    • Julia Wojtecki Memorial Scholarship: Brooke Bower
    • Kathy J. Brooker-Decker Memorial Scholarship: Kylee Klimes
    • Kevin K. Birkhofer STEM Scholarship: Carter Awbrey
    • Krieger Food and Nutrition Scholarship: Aidan Daufeldt
    • Krieger Technical Scholarship: Crew Schliesman
    • Larry Fullington Memorial Scholarship: McKayla Jordan Ross
    • League of Women Voters in Muscatine Scholarship: Brissa Echevarria
    • Marie C. Ruthenberg Memorial Scholarship: Morgan Dodds
    • Matthew B. Seligman Memorial Scholarship: Trevor Diedrichs
    • Maurice & Donna Reed Scholarship: Audrey Seibel
    • Max A. Collins, Sr. Scholarship: Holy Hilbrant
    • Mente Fellowship of Christian Athletes Scholarship: Kylee Klimes
    • Micaela L. Brunson Memorial Scholarship: Anthony Sanchez, Ana Poffenbaugh, and Elisha Gaye
    • Muscatine Band Boosters Scholarship: Katherine Eads
    • Muscatine Community School Foundation Community Service/Volunteer Scholarship: Alexandria Steele and Katherine Eads
    • Muscatine Community School Foundation General Scholarship: Caden Roberts and Waker Cler
    • Muscatine County Soil & Water Conservation District’s Ralph L. Kirchner Memorial Scholarship: Isabelle Hartman, McKenna Riess, and Alexis Moeller
    • Muscatine Youth Girls Basketball (new in 2021): Avarie Eagle, Zoey Long, Madison Petersen, Emma Zillig, and Rylie Moss
    • Patricia Coss Memorial Scholarship: Gwen Kuhl
    • Paul C. Rohling Memorial Scholarship: James Sprague, McKenna Riess, and Nicholas Petersen
    • Roach Open Scholarships: Sophia Emmert and Trevor Diedrichs
    • Roach Scholar: Ella Hilbrant
    • Robert Nietzel Scholarship: Nathan Audas
    • Robert P. Herwig Scholarship: Drea Shannon
    • Robert W. and Dorothy M. Toborg Scholarship: Maria Villatoro and Aidan Daufeldt
    • Ruth Scholarship: Jill Hilbrant
    • Shilah A. Buchele Lindle Memorial Scholarship (new in 2021): Rachel Larsen
    • Temp Associates and RJK, Inc. Scholarship: Kyla Fear, Isabel Rodriguez, Alexis Moeller, and Fallon Petersen
    • The Virginia Lorimor Girls’ Cross Country, Track and Field Memorial Scholarship: Gwen Kuhl
    • Theodora Zorich Memorial Scholarship: Xander Stolzfus
    • Toyota of Muscatine Scholarship: Kristen Schlawin
    • Trueman H., Lucille V., and T. Patrick Wigim Scholarship: Joshua Thomas, Ana Poffenbaugh, Kenni Hawkins, Caylie McConnaha, Noah Yahn, and Kristen Schlawin
    • Wulf Family Scholarship Endowment in Memory of Helen P. Wulf: Kenni Hawkins

    Wapello High School:

    • Don and Donna Williams Scholarship: Graice Gustison and Lydia Fisher
    • Edwin R. Hicklin Memorial Scholarship: Chris Ewart, Hector Zepeda, and Toni Bohlen
    • Ray and Evelyn Werner Education or Human Services Scholarship: Danielle Miller

    West Liberty High School:

    • Muscatine County Soil & Water Conservation District’s Ralph L. Kirchner Memorial Scholarship: Janey Gingerich

    Wilton High School:

    • Frank and Carrie Townsend and Ruth Townsend Scholarship: Joshua Hunter, Zoe Barrett, Josie Said, Meggan Hook, Chloe Wells, Chase Garvin, Elizabeth Hugunin, Rebekah Imhoff, Gracie Koele, Tessa Bartell, Silas Harris, Ryan Boeding, Kael Brisker, Natalie Hughes, Makinzie Harker, Ryleigh Stevens, Emily Coss, Ansley Boorn, Mila Johnson, Mea Burkle, Colby Sawvell
    • Frank and Carrie Townsend and Ruth Townsend Scholarship – Vocational/Technical /Trade: Mason Nolte, Colton Cruse, and Gage Hagen
    • Grimm and Pennington Family Scholarship (new in 2021): Josie Said
    • Temp Associates and RJK, Inc. Scholarship: Zoe Barrett
    • Toyota of Muscatine Scholarship: Joshua Hunter
    • Whetstine Family Scholarship: Elizabeth Hugunin

    Muscatine Community College:

    • Francis and Patricia Carroll Scholarship: Kimberly Koller

    These scholarship awards are made possible by donors and scholarship fund holders. For more information about establishing your own scholarship fund or donating, call the Community Foundation office at 563-264-3863 or visit our website www.muscatinecommunityfoundation.org.

    Muscatine Community College Foundation scholarship applications are still being accepted for the 2021-2022 academic year. For more information contact Lisa Wiegel at [email protected].

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