Tips for a great Muscatine event listing

  • Create an eye catching featured image.  Recommended size is 1920 x 1080.  If you need help making a quick graphic, we recommend Canva (it’s free!).
  • Create an engaging title to encourage people to learn more
  • Have a full description of your event so people know what to expect
  • Chose multiple categories (as appropriate) and use multiple keyword tags to help people find your event.
  • If your venue isn’t already listed, please create it.
  • If you aren’t listed as an organizer, add yourself as well as all of the appropriate contact information.


The primary goal of the Discover Muscatine Community calendar is to provide a comprehensive listing of community-related events in Muscatine County.  Our priority is providing quality event listings to community members and visitors while to spamming them with unrelated business advertising and product promotions.  For example, a restuaraunt with a dinner special is a great listing on our calendar; however, a listing with a product’s details only wouldn’t be allowed.

The Discover Muscatine Community Calendar is free for all of Muscatine to submit and promote their events, not just businesses.


Submissions will not appear on the Calendar until they are approved by designated personnel. Certain authorized personnel, including site-wide administrators and Calendar managers, have the ability to post events without waiting for approval (contact us if you’re interested in manager level access). Events are approved at the sole discretion of the administrators and Calendar managers.

Anyone who submits information to the Community Calendar is responsible for the content and accuracy of his or her submission(s). If inappropriate material or anything in bad taste is submitted, a Calendar administrator will contact the submitter to discuss the problem and ask that the information be edited. If the submitter does not comply with this request, his or her submittal privileges may be terminated and the information may not be posted to the Community Calendar.

Users must follow all local, state and federal laws.


Discover Muscatine and Pearl City Media make no guarantees, either expressed or implied, concerning the accuracy, completeness or reliability of the information stored on the Community Calendar. Information provided by Internet links external to the Community Calendar is not under editorial control of the Discover Muscatine staff, administrators, managers or editors, and such information does not reflect official information or opinions of Discover Muscatine or its affiliates.