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    A sneak peek at Eats in the Streets

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    One of my new year’s resolutions this year is to try new things. One of the first things I want to check out is Eats in the Streets! This new food truck will be hitting the dining scene in Muscatine soon, and I’m looking forward to trying some of their creative new options.

    Ethan Abernathy and Nick Averbeck, the owners of Eats in the Streets, have some really exciting ideas for their new business. As Averbeck put it, “we wanted to take foods and put a new twist on them to add some freshness.”

    Taking a look at some of their menu ideas on Facebook, you can tell their fusion inspired food does just that! Each of their classic wraps and burgers comes with a delicious combination of proteins, fresh vegetables, and killer sides sure to get your taste buds tingling in the best possible way. Eats in the Streets will change up their menu often, letting you try different updated classics all the time.

    Right now, Eats in the Streets already has two locations it plans to park at regularly: Reeves Battery Sales in Muscatine and the Rubber Monkey in Wilton. They’re also working on an agreement with Premier Jewelry and Loan, so keep an eye out for them there too. Wherever they’re at, they look to be open from around 11 a.m. until 7 or 8 p.m.

    Right now, Eats in the Streets is finishing up getting their final inspections done and licensing their food truck. They say things are going smoothly, and they expect to be open for business within the next month or so.

    Eats on the Streets may be brand new, but both Abernathy and Averbeck have a long history of cooking up great food. Abernathy got into cooking as a kid and got his first job in the restaurant industry at 17. Looking to grow his career and start creating his own dishes, he welcomed the opportunity to help start a food truck.

    Growing up, Averbeck started cooking to help his mom, who didn’t really enjoy that task. He found he was good at it, and recently started dreaming about running a food truck. Averbeck also had the business experience to get Eats in the Streets off on the right foot. For seven years, Averbeck ran NTA Siding and knows just what it takes to run a successful small business.

    As the new year gets going, Eats in the Streets has big plans to spice up the food scene in Muscatine. With their pandemic friendly take away options and exciting new dishes about to make their debut, diners have a great opportunity to try out something new without having to go too far from home. Keep an eye on them on Facebook and Instagram to see when you can try something tasty yourself!

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