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    A Sweet Showing: Muscatine Native Tiphanie Cannon Competes on Food Network Christmas Cookie Challenge

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    A self-taught baker, Muscatine Native Tiphanie Cannon has spent her whole life whipping up tasty treats. As she explained it, “I’ve just been cooking and baking since I was a little girl.” Now the successful owner of Oh So Sweet by Tiphanie, a bakery in Davenport, Cannon had the chance of a lifetime to show off her skills on the Food Network’s Christmas Cookie Challenge. A highlight in a cooking career full of surprises, Cannon’s TV appearance shows just how far one of Muscatine’s very own has gone.

    Cannon never planned to become a professional baker and open a bakery of her own. “It wasn’t really an idea,” she explained. “I was bored.” Originally a third-grade teacher, Cannon left her job to stay at home with her children. As they grew up however, she found she had the time to do more.

    For a while, she led group fitness classes, but an injury sidelined her. At home again, Cannon started baking regularly, using knowledge she gained from Food Network and other sources to teach herself new techniques. Cannon’s passion for baking grew. It got to a point where her friends asked her to stop baking for them because they had more food than they could handle. Realizing she had the dedication and talent; Cannon began baking professionally out of her own kitchen.

    What started as a small home business quickly grew into something much bigger. After two years, Cannon had many clients all clamoring for her delicious creations. Knowing the time to go big or close the business had come, Cannon got her own storefront and opened Oh So Sweet by Tiphanie.

    With the store up and running, Cannon found an even larger following for her delectable desserts. Her popularity grew so much that this year, a Food Network casting agent saw Cannon’s work on Instagram and reached out to her about competing on the Christmas Cookie Challenge.

    Never one to pass up a chance to push her skills to the next level, Cannon responded to the message and ended up with a spot on the show. Though Cannon did not win, she put up a dazzling display, demonstrating her prowess to viewers across the nation. “It was a giant privilege and a giant honor, and I am so grateful for the opportunity. It was also the most stressful thing I’ve ever done in my life!” she shared after the episode aired November 11th.

    Through the whole experience though, Cannon could not have felt better knowing that the people who encouraged her to bake professionally in Muscatine watched and supported her throughout the whole show. “It makes me happy that people in Muscatine were watching,” she said. “I bleed purple and gold and love Muscatine, so it makes me very happy to know my fellow Muskies were watching. I hope I made them proud.” Through her whole journey to become a successful baker and entrepreneur, Cannon has always done exactly that and will keep doing so as she continues to innovate.

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