A trip down memory lane

The other day, I had a gentleman come into my office and we began talking about the construction outside on Second Street. We spoke about how nice it was going to look and about our hopes that it would be another stepping stone in improving our downtown.

He told me stories about coming into town on Friday evenings with his family as a young boy and how packed the streets were as you walked from business to business. He said that it was something that the whole family looked forward to all week. His dad would find a coffee and a corner with other men to chat, his mother would do shopping and gossip with friends, and the kids would run from store to store until it came time to go home.

Wouldn’t it be great to have Friday nights like that again in Muscatine for our small businesses? Wouldn’t it be cool to share evenings like that with our kids, just like the good ole days?  I hope that we are working our way back to a gorgeous downtown that is shoulder to shoulder on Friday nights and small businesses are booming.  Lets do it Muscatine!