Additional arrests made in investigation of thefts of cemetery vases

Today, August 16, 2018, Muscatine County Attorney Alan R. Ostergren announced that two additional individuals have been arrested in connection with an investigation into the theft of brass vases from cemeteries in Muscatine and the surrounding area. Charges were filed against JUSTIN LYLE WINTER, 44, and LYLE EVERETT WINTER, 70. Both men are charged with theft in the first  degree and ongoing criminal conduct. The charges are a class “C” felony and class “B” felony respectively.

The criminal complaints allege that both men, acting as the operators of Muscatine Metals, knowingly accepted brass cemetery vases while knowing that they were stolen property. The criminal complaints further allege that the men engaged in 25 transactions where they purchased stolen property.

The arrests of both men were the result of an investigation by the Muscatine Police Department. One individual had already been charged as a result of the investigation. As with any criminal charge, the charges against these individuals are merely accusations. They are presumed innocent unless and until convicted in court.

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