Additional COVID-19 cases in Iowa, death confirmed April 20

DES MOINES, Iowa – Today, the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) confirmed 257 additional positive cases for a total of 3,159 positive cases and an additional 1,013 negative tests for a total of 22,661 negative tests to date, which includes testing reported by the State Hygienic Lab and other labs. Of these new cases, 27 can be attributed to Tyson employees and 19 to National Beef employees.

The IDPH, reported an additional four deaths, 214 currently hospitalized, and 1,235 recoveries.

According to the IDPH, the additional four deaths were reported in the following counties:

  • Black Hawk County, one middle-age adult (41-60 years).
  • Linn County: One middle-age adult (41-60 years and one elderly adult (81+ years).
  • Mahaska County: One middle-age adult (41-60 years).

46 of today’s 257 new positive cases come from surveillance testing at meat processing facilities. Of those new positives, 27 came from Tyson employees and 19 from National Beef employees.

The state of Iowa released an updated dashboard on updated daily to include comprehensive tracking of COVID-19 in Iowa. The new dashboard includes cases, deaths, and tests conducted in each county. The state now provides demographic information that not previously provided as well as Iowa’s epidemiological curve.