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    Amy Klobuchar Addresses Potential Voters at Boonies

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    MUSCATINE, Iowa—Senator Amy Klobuchar paid a weekend visit to Iowa, stopping at Boonie’s on the Avenue in Muscatine on Saturday, Jan. 25. During her brief stop, Klobuchar focused on the issues she feels set her apart from the 11 other Democratic candidates vying for voters’ attention.

    For Klobuchar, increasing access to fair housing represents one of the country’s most pressing issues and one of the best ways to bring people of all backgrounds together. “Actually, there’s this incredible coalition we can build, and I’m really good at doing this.” She stated: “I grew up in the suburbs, I live in the city, and I spend most of my time working on rural issues. I have crossed the rural-urban divide over and over and over again, and I’ve been able to bring people together to work on three farm bills.”

    To complement forging a coalition to create more affordable housing in all parts of the country, Klobuchar advocated for strengthening funding for childcare, healthcare, and infrastructure. She planned to make this funding available by repealing current corporate tax cuts. Along with bolstering these programs, Klobuchar added that she would work to make vocational education more affordable to help people fill high demand skilled trade jobs. Additionally, she stressed the importance of making sure jobs requiring four-year degrees paid workers well, helping students interested in attending college get the most benefits and least debt from their education.

    Klobuchar emphasized climate change as one of her core issues. If elected president, Klobuchar said she would have the United States sign the Paris climate accords. Following that, Klobuchar would work to reinstate the clean power rules instituted under the Obama administration, bring back fuel efficiency standards on new vehicles, and institute a carbon pricing or tax system.
    As her final push before the Iowa Caucuses, Klobuchar hoped that her programs and midwestern roots would appeal to potential voters.

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