As God Intended

This past Sunday afternoon, Susie and I witnessed the joining together of two lives, Eduardo and Krisalyn, in a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony. We saw two people in love committing their hearts and souls to each other. We also considered it a blessing that the rain held off between Saturday and Monday so their outdoor ceremony could take place.

It’s a beautiful love story and the couple told it in great detail. Over a twelve-year period of time, Krisalyn and Eduardo came to realize that heaven had a plan for them to be together. I could mention the long distance phone calls, the interesting way he proposed, and how a mission trip to Argentina brought them together at the beginning. There are ups and downs and sideways experiences in every relationship. You’ve had them and we have had them. This young couple will continue to have them too.

Seeing their story come together in this simple, but beautiful wedding reminds me of how you and I experience a relationship with God. Several Bible writers refer to God’s people as a bride adorned for her husband. The joining together of our life with God has at its core commitment, love, hope, and trust. Those are the elements that make any relationship successful and when any of them are missing, it leaves a couple vulnerable to ruin.

So what is your relationship with God like? Is it built on the core values I listed above? We have witnessed so many couples start off with the best of intentions. They have talked for hours about their dreams and the life they want to build together. They have had wonderful ceremonies and you could feel the love they share, but what happened? What happened when life didn’t turn out quite the way they intended? Life on this planet can throw you a curve ball, can’t it? Even here in the U.S., with all our material blessings, we may face cancer, car accidents, and miscarriages.

So what keeps us together? As the wise man, Solomon, wrote, “A three-fold cord is not quickly broken.” Who is that third cord? You guessed it! Please make sure your marriage is intertwined with God by commitment, love, hope, and trust. Need help? Reach out for it today and save a lifetime together.