Bayer Muscatine donates hand sanitizer to Salvation Army

Charla Schafer, Greg Bock, and Chris Boar with Bayer's donation of hand sanitizer for the community cleaning closet at the Salvation Army of Muscatine County.

MUSCATINE, Iowa—As businesses work to keep those who cannot work from home protected during the COVID-19 outbreak, Bayer Muscatine found a way to keep both its employees and members of the wider community safe. On April 16, Bayer donated 12 gallons of hand sanitizer to the Salvation Army of Muscatine County for them to distribute through their community cleaning closet.

In order to protect workers, Bayer Muscatine ordered hand sanitizer in 250-gallon totes and divided into one-gallon jugs for use here in Muscatine and for shipping to other Bayer facilities around the country.

As Bayer packaged and distributed the jugs of sanitizer, Community Outreach Coordinator for Bayer Muscatine Chris Boar learned from Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine Executive Director Charla Schafer that the community cleaning closet at the Salvation Army had run low on hand sanitizer. Boar reached out to the Salvation Army and worked with them to get them the sanitizer they needed. “The donation of hand sanitizer was a way for us to help the community and keep people as safe as possible,” explained Boar.

Greg Bock, a Lieutenant for the Salvation Army of Muscatine County, welcomed the donation, and saw it as one more way that businesses in Muscatine work to take care of their community. “It was no surprise to me when I learned that Bayer wanted to do their part in helping to keep their community healthy,” said Bock: “Our community is their community, made up of men and women who work at Bayer. You can tell when a corporation has roots that run deep in their communities because they always come through for the greater good when it counts!”

When people need standard cleaning products but cannot afford them, the community cleaning closet provides them free of charge. The hand sanitizer donation will allow the Salvation Army to fill small to sanitizer bottles to give out to families. As the demand for cleaning products remains high during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Salvation Army welcomes supply donations made to their 1000 Oregon Street , Muscatine location by appointment (call 563-263-8272) and monetary donations made care of the Community Foundation of Muscatine County via their website or mailed to 208 West Second Street, Suite 213, Muscatine. 

 Amid the uncertainty COVID-19 causes, Bock says the community can take heart from donations like the one Bayer made. “These are scary times, no doubt, but the people of Muscatine County can find hope in acts like this from Bayer, and be assured that their non-profit organizations, community foundations, chambers of commerce, local businesses, and churches are all working together to make sure that nobody has to go without the necessary supplies needed to keep their families safe.”