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    Brian Prussman Completes Eagle Scout Project

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    For almost as long as he can remember, Brian Prussman has actively participated in Boy Scouts. Prussman describes himself as a Life Scout.  He joined Cub Scouts in kindergarten and became a Boy Scout in Troupe 426 once he entered fifth grade. Now a senior at Muscatine High School, Prussman has completed his Eagle Scout project and will soon take the final steps to earn the organization’s highest rank. 

    As part of the requirements for becoming an Eagle Scout, Prussman had to complete a meaningful community service project. He chose to build a new bridge in Eversmeyer Park on Orange Street in Muscatine. He chose this project because the old bridge definitely needed repairs so people could safely use it. “The bridge was in very poor condition [it was] not very sturdy and rotting away. It had been standing since 1976, when the Kiwanis Club of Muscatine originally built it,” Prussman stated. 

    Prussman knew that he would need the community’s help to repair the bridge (a thirty-foot structure stretching from the street to the park’s picnic structure) so he got in touch with several individuals and organizations. He elaborated, “The Parks and Rec Department assisted the project greatly as well as family friend and carpenter, Dave Littrell. . .  and a team of volunteers who were mainly Boy Scouts from around the community.”

    The City of Muscatine Parks and Recreation Department agreed to take down the old bridge for Prussman. They also poured new concrete leading up to the site of the new bridge and created the concrete footings and post holes Prussman would need to give his bridge a firm foundation. 

    Then, Littrell worked with Prussman and the other Boy Scouts and volunteers to construct the new bridge on the afternoon of Monday, September 23rd. After the group finished building the bridge, Prussman and the volunteers completed landscaping projects around it, spreading new dirt, raking up leaves, and planting grass seed. By next year, Prussman’s improved bridge will have beautiful greenspace around it for area residents to enjoy.

    After Prussman and his team completed the bridge, he felt very pleased with how his Eagle Scout project turned out. He shared, “now the park has a good-looking and accessible bridge that allows for easy access across the ravine to the shelter.”

    In the months ahead, Prussman will complete his final requirements to becoming an Eagle Scout. After filing his final documents and completing an interview with his Eagle Scout Board, he will join the highest tier of scouts and get to celebrate the good he has done for the community in his years of scouting and in the years to come.

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