City of Nichols encourages safety and spring cleaning

The Nichols City Council announced they will hold their annual spring cleanup day June 24. (File Photo)

NICHOLS, Iowa–With more people at home during the day due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Nichols City Council discussed how people can protect themselves from theft and facilitate their spring cleaning projects this year.

According to police lieutenant Jeff Jirak, many cities in Muscatine County have noticed an increase in burglaries recently. At the Council’s April meeting, Mayor Linsey Reimers expressed concerns over reports of people removing chickens from private property. Jirak explained that car burglaries represented the largest source of new reports. He recommended always locking unattended vehicles and placing valuables out of sight to deter smash and grab burglaries. To keep homes safe, he also recommended locking all doors when out of the house.

Acknowledging that many people have used additional time at home for spring cleaning, the Council announced their annual spring cleanup day. On June 24, residents of Nichols may put out bulky items for collection free of charge. However, the Council requests people not put out hazardous waste, tires, or electronics. The Council also plans to publish more detailed information about the spring cleanup day in their next round of bills. Beginning in April, the Council started following up on nuisance complaints again (they temporarily paused in the winter due to inclement weather). The Council encourages people to use the cleanup day to remove trash items from yards to prevent or resolve nuisance violations.