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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

    City of Nichols Plans to Extend Safety and Beautification Projects Through Fall and Spring

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    The City of Nichols workday on Sunday October 6th proved wildly successful. People from throughout the community joined forces to clean up the city’s two parks and update their swings. From the workday, the Nichols City Council (the Council) has identified several more projects to enhance their city’s safety and appeal, which they approved to move forward at their October City Council meeting.

    During the course of the workday, volunteers noticed that paint on facilities at both of the parks had begun to fade and peel. To remedy this problem, the Council has partnered with a local painter to redo the paint at both locations. The painting should take place this fall, weather permitting.

    While installing the new swings at each park, members of the Council also noted that the swing sets and several other pieces of equipment could benefit from some routine maintenance. For example, the Council would like to add pieces to the swing sets that could bolt them to the ground, making them more stable. Though the weather will likely turn cold before the Council can order these pieces, they agreed to revisit the idea in spring of 2020.

    Finally, work at both of the parks brought a number of dead tree limbs to the Council’s attention. To prevent people enjoying the parks from getting hit and injured with these dead limbs, and to keep them from piling up on the ground under the trees, the Council approved a local tree trimmer to come out and remove them. This removal will take place in late November or early December once the trees go dormant and can best tolerate pruning.

    To help offset the cost of this maintenance, the Council plans to cash out one of its certificates of deposit (CDs) that just matured. The money from this CD will put approximately $8,800 into the Council’s park maintenance budget. Though this will likely not cover the full cost of all the updates they would like to do over the following year, they consider it a strong start. Additionally, the Council has begun contemplating selling memorial benches as a way to create an ongoing park fund, ensuring they can continue to tend and beautify their city.

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