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    Collaborate Muscatine

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    MUSCATINE, Iowa–Your voice matters!

    What started as meeting with colleagues over coffee has transformed into a community building, community feedback-seeking effort by leadership of local institutions.

    What the members of this informal group determined is that they needed to identify the shared community values of our Muscatine friends and neighbors in order for their organizations to more effectively align and leverage resources, build pride, and greater success for our community today and into the future.

    Thus, Collaborate Muscatine was launched in March of 2021.

    2020 was an unusual year for all and difficult year for most.  What we know is 2021 brings the opportunity to reconnect and listen, reconnect and grow together, reconnect and find out what is important to our broad spectrum of friends and neighbors across our community.

    Identifying shared thoughts and values in the coming months will help the organizations align their work and efforts in a more unified approach in support of what matters most to those that live or work in Muscatine.

    So how will the voices of community members be gathered?  The group will initially be hosting approximately 15 group meetings to ask questions about what matters to diverse groups.

    And, as it should, the first meeting will begin by learning from the voices of our young people, high school students, MCC students, and young professionals.  The leaders of tomorrow will lead the Collaborate Muscatine efforts of today.

    Other groups are being identified and meetings will be held throughout the summer.

    Local Muscatine-loving leaders, Brenda Christensen (Muscatine Power and Water) and Chris Boar (Bayer) will be hosting and facilitating the community meetings, along with chronicling the collective points of pride, opportunities, and what matters most to our neighbors.

    The shared knowledge gained will help drive agreement, and more importantly action, as we continue to build on the successes for our past with an eye toward building a better future.

    Who makes up this coffee-drinking, community feedback-seeking group:  Angie Johnson, Executive Director of Trinity Muscatine Hospital; Dr. Naomi DeWinter, President of Muscatine Community College; Carol Webb, City Administrator of  the City of Muscatine; Clint Christopher, Superintendent of Muscatine Community School District; Gage Huston, General Manager of Muscatine Power and Water; Jodi Royal-Goodwin, Community Development Director of the City of Muscatine; Erik Reader, President & CEO of the Greater Muscatine Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Charla Schafer, Executive Director of the Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine

    “As we talked amongst ourselves about how we could align our efforts more strategically it became clear that we certainly didn’t have all the answers.  We realized what we sought was community action driven by more than a few local voices.  We are excited how this effort will better align our collective efforts.  Muscatine has so much to be proud of and this improved alignment will ensure that we’re on track for an even brighter future.”  Angie Johnson, Trinity Muscatine Executive Director.

    To learn more about Collaborate Muscatine contact the Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine at 563-264-3863.

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