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    Collaboration 1: A Fresh start for production at Crossroads, Inc

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    CROSSROADS, INC. is a non-profit agency offering Supported Employment, Day Habilitation, and Community Living assistance. We work closely with employers to develop employment skills needed in today’s work force and take pride in enhancing the community of Muscatine and Tipton areas by helping people to become more independent.

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    Previously a sheltered workshop serving a narrow scope of work, the production operations housed in the Crossroads Building on Houser Street is providing a fresh look at how to support and partner with production companies in the Muscatine area with a completely integrated work force. Collaboration 1 works closely with companies to move projects to our production floor, allowing companies to expand their workforce and production footprint, without the addition of staff or a brick-and-mortar purchase. Collaboration 1 partners closely with programs through Crossroads and MCSA as well as members of the Muscatine Community to provided employment opportunities and quality service for all of our business partners.

    Bringing all these pieces together is new Collaboration 1 Director, Kraig Reed. Kraig has years of experience in the production and Human Services arena. The opportunity to merge all of that experience into one innovative position was a calling for Kraig. Through past positions and partnerships with local production companies like HON and Allsteel, Kraig brings an understanding of safety regulations, managing space and inventory, and the importance of efficient workflow to meet client expectations. Kraig’s long history in Human Services gives Kraig the unique understanding of how the integrated workshop can support a valuable workforce in reaching the individual goals of employees and provide quality service to production partners. A Muscatine native Kraig is excited to reconnect with the community and educate local businesses of the value a partnership with Collaboration 1 can bring to reaching their production goals. When not at work Kraig enjoys outdoor adventures with friends and family and keeps himself busy with his hobby of beekeeping. CEO, Cheryl Plank, states “We are so pleased to have Kraig join our team. He brings great expertise and enthusiasm for this role. He has quickly become an asset to an already talented group of employees.” For more information about Collaboration 1 please contact Kraig Reed at 563-263-3545 or
    [email protected]

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