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    Crossroads, Senior Resources clients shine in talent show

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    MUSCATINE, Iowa–Friday, June 18, clients at Crossroads and Senior Resources put their skills on display at their first ever talent show. A new event, the show provided a morning of lighthearted fun for both clients and staff at Crossroads and Senior Resources and helped bring the two organizations closer together.

    For over a year, both Crossroads and Senior Resources staff have dealt with the challenge of providing their clients with fun experiences while keeping them safe, as COVID-19 can have more serious effects on people with disabilities and older adults, particularly since both groups have a higher risk of having underlying conditions. With more people getting vaccinated against the disease now, the two organizations have started finding ways to give the people they work with more opportunities to socialize. The talent show provided a perfect opportunity to do just that. Seated in lawn chairs next to Crossroad’s main building at 1424 Houser Street, participants in Crossroads day habilitation program and Senior Resources adult day program could watch their peers and staff members perform a variety of entertaining acts.

    Organizers hailed this event as a major respite after such a long period of time. “We’ve been stuck with COVID, so we wanted to do something fun,” shared Senior Resources Adult Day Manager Laurette Whisler.

    “I am just relieved that after the year we’ve had that we can provide them with this opportunity,” added Crossroads Day Habilitation Manager Emilee Crumly.

    The performers’ acts did not disappoint. Whisler estimated that about 20 clients and staff members participated, showing off a wide range of talents, such as dancing, singing, using a lasso, juggling, doing magic, and even showing off some Taekwondo moves as well.

    Everyone involved thoroughly enjoyed themselves as well. Abby, a participant in Crossroads’ day habilitation program who danced to “#thatPower” featuring Justin Bieber shared that she felt, “good,” about getting to perform because she knew, “a lot of the moves,” to her song.

    Fellow day habilitation participant Ashley shared her enthusiasm. She said she had a lot of fun singing Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb” for all of her friends.

    Along with providing time to let everyone’s talents shine, organizers from Crossroads and Senior Resources enjoyed the opportunity to have clients from their respective programs meet each other. Since both organizations belong to Vision 2020, they plan to continue coordinating events and services together in the future. Whisler valued having the chance for both sets of clients, “to get out and to get to know everyone,” and hopes to have more opportunities for them to do so in the months ahead.

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