Dear Miss Pearl: A Yes or No Question
by Dear Miss Pearl
August 08, 2019

Dear Miss Pearl,

I cannot say no to anyone, and it is starting to get out of hand. I am on every committee, coach all the teams, do tons of ‘favors’ for people each week, and don’t get me wrong, I love being involved with my kids, friends, family, and work groups, but I am exhausted! How do I change my ways without seeming like a jerk?

Yes Girl

Dear Yes Girl,

It must come with age because I was always like that i.e.: people pleasing, squeezing eight hours of activities into five hours so I didn’t have to say no to anyone. I’ve come to realize that I can do so much better without the stress of so much chaos. No is a word you will have to learn, or people will start taking your yes for granted. Sometimes it takes saying no to realize what you should be really saying yes to! It will be hard, so hard, but you can do it. I would recommend sitting down and making a list of all the things you currently are helping with on a regular basis and then cut that in half! Choose the ones that you think are the most important, that you enjoy most, and that will allow you to have some down time and then relax. The world won’t stop turning if you say no.

Just say no, sometimes!


Miss Pearl

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