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    Debra Lins new First National Bank President and CEO

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    MUSCATINE, Iowa–A Wisconsin native, Debra Lins grew up on a large farm with both a dairy operation and cash crops. When she got to college, she knew she wanted to stay true to her family’s farming heritage while nurturing her growing interest in business by getting into agribusiness. After graduating from Lakeland University, Lins accepted a position from the Federal Land Bank Association at the Baraboo, Wisconsin location. Her positive experiences working with farmers led her to continue on a long an fruitful banking career. She shared: “I really felt as a young lender I was making a difference in the lives and businesses of the customers I was serving. That feeling remains today and is what led to 40 year career in the financial services sector.”

    Over those 40 years, Lins has held several positions, including President, CEO, and Organizing Director of Community Business Bank in Sauk City, Wisconsin and President, CEO, and Director of Markesan State Bank in Markesan, Wisconsin. Lins also took time to earn a masters of business administration from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and worked as an independent consultant for banks. Additionally, Lins spent 15 years as a member of the Wisconsin Banking Review Board, a position the state’s governor appointed her to.

    Through her consulting work, Lins found herself serving as the Acting Chief Credit Officer for First National Bank of Muscatine since July 2020. Lins valued getting to work with First National’s knowledgeable and professional staff and when Scott Ingstad invited her to replace him as President and CEO of the bank she welcomed the opportunity. “I really respect the team of professionals that Mr. Ingstad has assembled over his long tenure with the Bank, ” she stated. “What I have observed daily is that every employee is committed to providing exceptional service to our customers and I look forward to being a part of team effort and commitment.”

    As Lins begins to settle into her new role at the largest bank she has ever led, she has found the community eager to help her feel at home. “I am very appreciative of the warm welcome that has been extended to me by the community,” she shared. Though it will take some time, especially because of the COVID-19 pandemic, she looks forward to meeting and getting to know the bank’s many customers.

    Though Muscatine currently lies blanketed under several inches of ice and snow, Lins looks forward to getting out and enjoying the city’s natural beauty once the weather warms up. “The beauty of the Mississippi certainly is also a draw to the Muscatine area,” she remarked.

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