Did We Need All That Rain? 

Remember that time I took a week off of work and it rained almost every day? That was me two weeks ago, and I’m here to ask the question. Did we really need that much rain?

What about last Thursday, May 27, when it seemed to rain all day and night long? Did we need that much rain?

That same rain forced the first Almost Friday Fest to be canceled after this columnist dedicated nearly 300 words the week prior talking about how excited I was to have it back. Did we need that much rain?

I’m not even really sure who (or what) I’m directing that question at. I’ve lived in Iowa since 2002, and I have seen just how quickly we can go from hot to cold back to hot and then cold and to rain, snow, sleet, or subzero temperatures and so on.

Perhaps all that rain is a sign that we’re experiencing a true spring season? I’m okay with not jumping right into 90-degree temps with the humidity and bugs to match. Granted, it does seem like (based on the volume of gnats around our house) that we’re in for a buggy spring and summer.

I had a friend tell me that the lack of rain earlier this year caused it to be a bad season for morel mushrooms. Admittedly, I have only eaten the aforementioned morels twice in my lifetime and while they were good, they didn’t change my life. Have you encountered fewer morels than usual this year?

For sure, the recent rainfall has helped lawns across Muscatine not only grow faster but, they all seem to be a lot more green than usual. So, maybe all the rain isn’t bad after all?

If anything, the downpour last Thursday served sort of as a “free car wash.” Not that it does as good of a job as the folks at say Miracle Car Wash, but I thought the “Mother Nature Rain Wash” did okay!

It is tough being a person that wears eyeglasses on days when it rains. I’ve learned as I have gotten older that even taking my glasses off for a brief moment causes me to well, not see quite as clearly. I have a handy-dandy glasses cloth on my desk, but that didn’t do me any good when I got caught in the rain while leaving a school building last week. Can someone out there invent a pair of tiny windshield wipers that I can place on my glasses? I don’t even care if they wouldn’t look cool–the time it would save me from having to clean my glasses would make it worth it!

The moral of this story is we can’t let things we have no control over ruin our day. I try to embrace things like rain, snow, and yes, even sub-zero degree days as much as possible because I know in my heart that I have the power to choose to make every day a good one. Call me cheesy or Mr. Rogers, but optimism is something I truly believe in. It’s gotten me this far in life!