Dr. Hamid Sagha to return to Muscatine

MUSCATINE, Iowa–Since graduating from medical school in 1995, Dr. Hamid Sagha has had a passion for helping people achieve and maintain good health. For seven years, Sagha practiced in Muscatine before pursuing other career opportunities. He now looks forward to returning to the community this winter and using his knowledge and expertise to teach people effective ways to maintain their wellbeing.

Originally, Sagha practiced family and community medicine. As he worked with patients, he developed a deep interest in assisting older adults find ways to keep themselves from getting dementia. Wanting to educate himself on how to give his patients the best guidance possible, Sagha received board certifications in emergency, functional, and integrative medicine. Additionally, he gained experience in a wide variety of settings, including clinics, emergency rooms, hospitals, nursing homes, and hospice and palliative care settings.

Encouraged by everything he learned, Sagha published a book in 2019, “Dementia Action Plan: Give Your Brain a Fighting Chance!” and created Interact Well Care (https://www.interactwellcare.com/) an online resource center to inform people about lifestyle measures that can prevent dementia.

Equipped with this new information about preserving overall health and good cognitive function, Sagha looks forward to providing Muscatine residents, especially seniors, with the best advice and preventative care to keep them healthy. “I want to focus on helping them help themselves,” he said

In his years as a physician, Sagha has found immense value in building trust between himself and his patients so that they will feel confident sharing any concerns they have. As he prepares to return to Muscatine, he plans to keep focusing on creating trusting relationships with his new patients in the months and years ahead. “I think that trust is fundamental in patient care,” he emphasized

The Muscatine Community in turn eagerly anticipates welcoming Sagha back to continue helping people achieve and maintain good health. In a news release, UnityPoint Clinic Regional Vice President Matt Behrens stated: “We are pleased Dr. Sagha has chosen to come back to Muscatine and serve the people in our community. We know that the people he’s provided care for think he’s one of the best out there, and he wants every patient to be the best they can be, and he’ll help get them there.”

Sagha will practice at UnityPoint Clinic Mulberry–Internal Medicine. Anyone interested in scheduling an appointment with him may do so by calling 563-262-4111.