Downtown Musings and a Few Construction Projects

I learned a long time ago that construction projects are 99% of the time signs of progress. Muscatine, at the moment, has several large-scale construction projects happening at the same time, and if you haven’t noticed, that has been a hot topic.

I’m here to say that while the work has forced me to get creative with regards to, say, navigating to the Salvation Army, Musser Park, Land of Oz, and Riverside Animal Hospital part of town, I also know that once completed, the roads and surrounding areas will look so much better. It’s a temporary nuisance that thankfully, between the well-marked detour signage along with Google Maps, I have navigated without getting frustrated.

The Park Avenue work appears to be going well (again, I’m not a construction expert or city employee, these are just my observations) and I look forward to seeing how that looks once completed. Sure, you may have to wait a few more seconds before being able to turn into the Sal Vitale’s or Tee’s parking lots, but that will just make whatever you’re going to enjoy taste that much better!

The work seems to be wrapping up in downtown Muscatine, save for the intersection of Iowa Avenue and Second Street. I really like the detail that has gone into the brickwork alongside the sidewalks at places like Creations By Oz, The Pointy End, and Lange’s Antiques (closing soon, such a great place to visit before that happens at the end of the month).

While I personally do not own or operate a business downtown, I believe that all of our downtown businesses would love to have you stop by and see them. It’s been a tough 18 months (or more) for our downtown businesses with both the pandemic and construction work. I know that Muscatine residents stepped up with respect to getting meals to go when everything was shut down. My hope is that you’ll consider taking a few hours to park downtown and do the stroll, if you will. That’s something that my wife and I really enjoy doing. It consists of parking, getting out, and walking from store to store (weather permitting of course, or at least that is preferred).

In the nearly nine years that I have lived in Muscatine, I feel like there has been a lot of positive change and good additions to our downtown. The same could be said for some of the large-scale construction projects. For example, I really like how Mississippi Drive turned out. I’m also going to say, on the record, that I like roundabouts. Go ahead, send me hate mail, but the Second Street roundabout near the Musser Public Library and Great River Tire is fantastic! I would just remind everyone that yield does not mean stop.

Thank you to all the construction crews working hard to complete these projects while doing so in the heat and humidity. Here’s to continuing to make progress here in the Pearl City!