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Monday, September 27, 2021

    Elizabeth Warren Hosts Town Hall at West Middle School

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    MUSCATINE, Iowa—With only nine days left until the Iowa Caucuses, Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren made a second stop in Muscatine on Jan. 25, hosting a town hall at West Middle School. Warren shared some of her life story and took questions from audience members, working to forge a deeper connection with potential voters.

    Warren grew up in Oklahoma with her three brothers and parents who had working class jobs. After marrying at 19, Warren paid her way through college and became an elementary special education teacher. After teaching for a year and becoming pregnant, Warren’s principal did not rehire her. Not willing to stay at home, Warren put herself through law school, and after briefly practicing law and having her second child, Warren became a law professor, a profession she enjoyed for many years before becoming a senator for Massachusetts.

    Once Warren spoke a little about herself, she took a variety of questions from randomly selected audience members. Warren went into particular detail on her central issue, fighting corruption. In response to a question about how she planned to deal with it, Warren emphasized that she would make reducing corruption her top priority. “My plan is that that is the number one bill we get started with,” she stressed. “It’s to take on the corruption so that we can disrupt what’s happening in Washington. To take it on directly, because then we can make the other changes we need to make.” Warren added that she would work to reduce lobbying, hold the Supreme Court to certain ethical standards, and require everyone one running for federal office to disclose their tax returns.

    Warren also answered questions on healthcare, housing, equal rights, and foreign policy. In all cases, she emphasized protecting human rights, having all departments run by experts, and using taxes levied on the top 2% of earners to fund them.

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