Everybody Loves Raymond King

This column is dedicated to the hardworking men and women with the City of Muscatine, specifically, Raymond King and the crew that helped me last Thursday at the transfer station. This wasn’t my first rodeo when it comes to dropping items off there. In the past, I’ve brought down old paint containers. Did you know they have mattress bags to make getting rid of old ones easier?

You see, my five-year-old son has broken a few flat screen TVs over the course of a year. We had been hanging onto one in preparation for the annual free electronic drop off week hosted by the City of Muscatine. Keep in mind, you’re certainly able to call the transfer station as often as needed (I believe) with respects to bulk pick-up. For electronic devices, I think there’s typically a small fee for pickup/disposal. That is, of course, unless you wait for the free week, which meant storing the aforementioned TV and stubbing my toe on it approximately seven times!

I pulled into the drop off area Thursday, July 16 around 12:40 p.m. The crew sprung into action, and I didn’t even have to exit my ultra stylish dad van (Toyota Sienna). I didn’t catch the gentleman’s name who took my information to verify that I was indeed a Muscatine resident.

He looked at me and said, “You’re that Tony Tone guy aren’t you?”

I responded with, “That’s me.”

He replied, “You need to write about us and Raymond King in the newspaper.”

Like a genie in a bottle, your wish is granted!

How about crews like that? Those folks are truly the ones making a difference every single day. I often think about people working to fill potholes, pick up garbage, do construction projects, work at the police and fire departments, and everything in between. Can I just say how thrilled I was with the turnaround time on getting a pothole filled in our neighborhood! I reached out to Public Works Director Brian Stineman and it was taken care of by my friend Louie Broders!

I’m thankful to live in Muscatine and to know that we’ve got some phenomenal people working everyday to make it better. If anything, I feel bad for not acknowledging the city workers until now. I’d much rather use my 500 words to talk about something good in our community, especially in light of the recent, controversial topics. While I have my own opinions on various topics, I feel that this space needs to be a source of positivity, and that’s how I feel about our City of Muscatine employees.

I’d like to hear from you with regards to other organizations or individuals that are worthy of being recognized. Email me directly at [email protected] and maybe you’ll read about your suggestions in a future column! To those that may not feel valued in their line of work, please know that we see you and you’re doing a great job.