February is here–that means spring is coming soon, right?
by Tony Tone
February 01, 2023

It’s been a weird winter, right? We’ve had days when it was -40 below zero and others that had temps in the 60s. February is here, and the past few years have brought more cold and snow. Will that be the case in 2023? I’d like to avoid having a mild February that leads to a cold and snowy March! We’re gaining more daylight (I know because I’m the person that Googles “what time is sunset today?”) and thus far (as of writing this), I have not slipped and fallen on any ice. A few close calls, but I’m okay and hope to remain that way.

Locally in Muscatine County, there are few signs of spring that send signals to my brain that warmer weather has to be on the way. One of those is the opening of Tee’s Ice Cream on Park Avenue. Steve Meyer and his team had a fun countdown until opening, leading to their return on Feb. 1. A Tee’s pizza burger (with everything on top) warmed my heart and filled my stomach!

At Susan Clark Junior High, students performed their spring musical “The Lion King Jr.” this past weekend. The same can be said as rehearsals ramp up at Muscatine High School for their spring musical.

One project I am looking forward to tackling at my house is trying really hard to grow grass on some of the “sad” spots on our front lawn. Last year I went with a grass seed mix I found at Menard’s, and it worked okay, but this year I am determined to have luscious, green grass, assuming, of course, neither of our dogs digs it up.

When spring does arrive, the City of Muscatine will complete its work on Taylor Street Park. If you haven’t driven past to see the pickleball courts, playground, and new splash pad, I recommend doing so! That will be an incredible addition to the neighborhood near Franklin Elementary School. Rumor is there may also be a large block party happening near Taylor Street Park. More on that to come!

My kids are also looking forward to warmer weather, and my son, Henry, asked, “when do you think the aquatic center pool will open?” I had to remind him that wouldn’t happen until Memorial Day weekend, to which he replied, “that will be here soon!” I love the optimism!

Are there any signs of spring that you look for? I’d love to hear them; send me an email to [email protected]. Fingers crossed that February doesn’t bring us subzero temps or too much snow.

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