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    Flamingo flock seen at Bickford Senior Living

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    MUSCATINE, Iowa-Recently, staff at Bickford Senior Living in Muscatine have reported sightings of a large flamingo flock on the grounds of the skilled nursing facility. Though this phenomenon might sound like an unusual natural event, it actually indicates Bickford has begun a new fundraiser for the Alzheimers Association.

    For the past two years, Bickford Director Teresa Hafner and the staff at Bickford have raised funds for the Walk to End Alzheimers. When Assistant Director Lindsey Stieger joined the Bickford team in 2019, she brought two years of Walk to End Alzheimers committee experience with her, lending even more momentum to Bickford’s efforts to support the Alzheimers Association.

    With COVID-19 preventing outside guests from visiting Bickford residents and keeping many in Muscatine from participating in social events, Bickford staff wanted to hold a clever fundraiser that everyone could enjoy. After researching and discussing a wide variety of ideas, they discovered flamingo flocking and knew they had found the perfect fit. “We thought it would bring some fun to the community and some light to Bickford,” said Stieger.

    “With the changes that are going on, we don’t know if we’ll be able to even have the walk this year,” added Hafner. “We wanted to do something to lighten the mood in the community that was socially safe,” she emphasized, The Alzheimers Association will receive all money raised regardless of whether the actual walk happens.

    Through July 15, anyone may call Bickford at 563-263-6600 and make a donation of any amount. Bickford staff can arrange a way to collect your payment, or you may donate online by visiting act.alz.org, clicking on the Walk to End Alzheimers link, and using the “Find a Team Search” to find Bickford of Muscatine. Once you donate using either method, Bickford will bring their flock of festive facsimile flamingos to any address you choose within the Muscatine City limits, along with a sign spreading the word about the fundraiser, and a letter for the lucky recipient. Through generous gifts from the community, Bickford hopes to raise $2,000 for the Alzheimers Association.

    Along with spreading cheer throughout the community, Bickford hopes the flamingo flocking fundraiser helps raise awareness about Alzheimers. “It such a great cause–that’s the main goal,” stated Hafner. “With the aging population, I don’t think people realize how prevalent it is in the community,” Stieger explained.

    “It’s a growing thing–it’s a disease that isn’t going away soon,” elaborated Hafner. “We want people to know that Bickford can help support them.”

    So, remain vigilant for flamingo flocks in your area. Encourage them to visit your friends, family, and neighbors. Know that these friends of a feather support Bickford and their goal to help the Alzheimer’s association move their research forward.

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