From Awareness to Action
by Discover Muscatine Staff
October 11, 2019

It’s not the knowing, it’s the doing that is important. I would say that awareness is high when it comes to breast cancer–people see a pink ribbon and know exactly what it stands for, but there are still so many people not going to get screenings like they should. There are still so many people that think they “felt something” in their breast but don’t go and check it out with their doctor until it is too late. Why is that?

This is a question that I have been asking myself a lot lately. When I found my lump, I was in absolute shock. My heart felt as if it were displaced into my stomach, and I could hardly breathe. I called my sister then and there, driving to her house as quickly as I could to have her feel it too. As I think more and more about this, I wonder if I am the odd ball here? Do most people feel comfortable walking into the doctor’s office and saying, “I found a lump”?

We need to change our comfort level with our providers so that we feel comfortable being open and honest with them. But how? I believe that it starts with having a primary care provider that we see on a regular basis, and we need to stay committed to our health.

The pink ribbons can only take us so far–after that, we must actually get screened. Early Detection Is key to a good outcome for breast cancer.

Now please, call and schedule your yearly screening!

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