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    Full, Queen, or King?

    Mike Ruby
    Mike Ruby
    A Muscatine resident for over forty years, Mike Ruby had careers both as a teacher at Muscatine High school and as a writer for nonprofit companies. Now retired, Ruby continues to cultivate his love for writing by contributing monthly Ruby's Reflections to Discover Muscatine newspaper.

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    I was about 8 years old when the giant furniture delivery truck pulled up to our front door. It was exciting because I had no clue what was being delivered. Within minutes, two men unloaded three brand new twin size beds, one for each of my older brothers and one for me. All 3 beds were identical with box springs, mattress, and a cherry wood head and foot board. Knowing my dad, he likely negotiated a quantity discount with the deal. I could hardly wait to sleep on mine and probably went to bed an hour earlier than normal that first night.

    When Jo Anne and I purchased our first bedroom set, it never occurred to us to buy anything but a full size bed. The 54 inch mattress worked just fine for us, including having at least one dog that slept with us for all of those years, and on very rare occasions, a toddler afraid of the loud thunder.

    A dozen years later, we decided it was time to upgrade to a queen size. We marveled at the extra six inches of width and the dog also enjoyed the spaciousness. Now that we’ve slept in a queen size bed for over 40 years, it is quite an adjustment if we occasionally find ourselves in a smaller bed when we travel. It’s a squeeze, but we manage.

    King sized beds have a 76 inch width and are extremely popular, but we haven’t taken that plunge yet and likely never will. Our daughter and her husband have a super king sized bed that does most everything except serve them breakfast in bed. We’ve slept in that bed a few nights and still can’t figure out all of the controls, buttons, bells, and whistles.

    My mother slept in the same full size bed from 1916 until the night she died in 2007. She and my dad shared that bed for 59 of those years until his death. My brother inherited the bedroom suite and a few years ago, Jo Anne and I slept one night on it. Talk about small! I can’t imagine my folks sleeping in that 54 inch bed for their entire married life, but they sure did.

    How does your perception of things change over time?

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