Harbor Freight Muscatine donates protective equipment

Harbor Freight Muscatine employees preparing their PPE for delivery to UnityPoint Trinity Muscatine Hospital.

MUSCATINE, Iowa—Responding to a pandemic requires a lot of personal protective equipment (PPE). Because COVID-19 does not yet have a vaccine or approved course of treatment, healthcare workers and first responders must wear more PPE and change it even more frequently than they typically do to prevent themselves from getting sick or transmitting the disease to others. To keep up with their growing needs for PPE, UnityPoint Trinity Muscatine Hospital, along with Trinity Muscatine Public Health, continue to request donations to keep their staff and first responders safe. Last week, Harbor Freight Muscatine helped meet some of this demand by donating their current stock of PPE to UnityPoint Trinity Muscatine Hospital. 

According to Casey Oberreuter, store manager for Harbor Freight Muscatine, he and his team donated 100,000 pairs of gloves, along with numerous face shields and masks. Oberreuter felt glad that his store could give so much to the local hospital: “I’m proud to be working for a company that made such an amazing donation. They could have sold the items in stores instantly. Instead, they wanted the PPE to go where it is needed the most. This will help protect so many amazing people risking their lives to help others every day.”

Harbor Freight Muscatine’s donation represents part of Harbor Freight’s nationwide donation program. By contributing their current stock of PPE, Swati Pandey a corporate representative of Harbor Freight, estimates they will donate 45 million pairs of gloves, several hundred thousand N-95 masks, and tens of thousands of face shields. Harbor Freight plans to make donations similar to the one it did in Muscatine in more than 1,000 different locations. 

With Harbor Freight Muscatine’s donation, UnityPoint Trinity Muscatine Hospital will have supplies to keep their workers safe for longer than they could before. However, as they continue to use supplies, they will need more PPE donations. If your business has PPE to donate, please contact Trinity Muscatine Public Health (who coordinates much of the county’s PPE distribution) at 563-263-0122.