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    Healing Compass guides community to better health

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    With more than 20 years of experience in the health and wellness field, Christina Kelly knows first hand just how important taking care of yourself is. Wanting to help people heal from injuries of all sorts and feel whole in body, mind, and spirit, Kelly certified as a restorative yoga teacher in 2014. Kelly found the practice had many benefits for the clients she worked with, but could only get them so far on their healing journeys. To help get them even farther, Kelly became both a Reiki energy healing practitioner and a licensed massage therapist. Combining all of her healing modalities, Kelly opened Healing Compass out of Hanssen Chiropractic at 515 Cedar Street.

    Because every person is unique and every injury or condition heals differently, Kelly does very personalized work for each of her clients. After discussing their particular needs, Kelly decides on a type of massage, such as cupping, lymphatic drainage massage, sports massage, or hand and foot massage, and may pair it with restorative yoga postures and Reiki to best help meet her clients’ specific needs. As she works, Kelly evaluates the effectiveness of her treatments, adjusting them as needed to ensure everyone who sees her gets the most out of their sessions.

    A natural helper, Kelly loves that her work makes people feel better and resolves some of the real problems they experience: “I like to see people leave feeling better than when they came in. I also like problem solving and figuring out what I need to do to help someone feel better,” she shared.

    Kelly also values that Healing Compass gives people a chance to care for themselves, both when they experience an injury and as a way to maintain good overall health long-term: “At Healing Compass, the focus is addressing your health and wellness through body, mind, and spirit. They all work together and when you take time for self care you will be stronger, healthier, and happier,” explained Kelly: “Once you feel better, you need to maintain what you have. Practicing self love and self care is one of the most important gifts we can give ourselves.”

    Currently Healing Compass offers all of its services by appointment only. If you would like to meet with Kelly and see how massage, restorative yoga, and Reiki could benefit you, she encourages you to call or text her at 563-316-0882.

    On March 6, Kelly will hold a special grand opening workshop for anyone interested in learning more about what she does at Healing Compass. Taking place at Impact Athletic Performance (located inside the old Washington Elementary School building) to allow for plenty of social distancing, Kelly will demonstrate the different massage techniques she offers and give away some exciting prizes. Butcher’s Vegetables will also attend the grand opening to provide delicious juices. With this event only days away, Kelly hopes you’ll look into learning more about it by visiting Healing Compass’ Facebook page.

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