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    Hershey Lofts Welcomed with Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

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    MUSCATINE, Iowa—The Hershey Building in Downtown Muscatine has always added a distinctive touch to the area. Built over 100 years ago in 1908, the five-story Hershey Building may have held the title for tallest building in town. Now, Bush Construction has taken the building to new heights, fully renovating the interior to create Hershey Lofts.

    For many years, much of the Hershey Building sat empty due to changes in residential occupancy limits, which reduced the number of tenants it could hold. Then, in 2018, Bush Development, a part of Bush Construction, purchased the building, completely renovating it on the inside. Recognizing the long history of the building, Bush Construction worked hard to restore the Hershey Building to its historic splendor while adding a variety of modern touches Muscatine residents would enjoy. “Bush Construction renovated this project in compliance with National Park Service historic preservation standards. Corridors have been reestablished to their original locations. Interior finishes will include exposed concrete, quartz countertops, in-unit laundry, in-facility gym, and a business lounge on the mezzanine,” elaborated Amy Simler, Vice President of Strategic Markets for Bush Construction.

    Bush Construction finished their work on Hershey Lofts in December 2019. The development now features five studio apartments, fifteen one-bedroom apartments, and five two-bedroom apartments, as well as two retail storefronts on the first floor. Sycamore Printing, which has occupied the Hershey Building for many years, will continue to run their operations out of the basement of Hershey Lofts and have their office on the first floor.

    On Jan. 2nd, the Greater Muscatine Chamber of Commerce and Industry held a ribbon cutting ceremony for Hershey Lofts, introducing the beautifully redone space to the community. Simler shared that Bush Construction felt honored by the event and deeply appreciative of all the support they received from the community. “Bush Construction has greatly enjoyed working in the Muscatine area. The community and the Greater Muscatine Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been extremely welcoming, as was demonstrated by the hospitality shown at the Hershey Lofts ribbon cutting on January 2, 2020.”

    Hershey Lofts has begun to accept tenant applications. For more details on specific units or to schedule a showing, Simler encourages you to contact Darrin Huggins at (563)-506-4902.

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