Hy-Vee provides marvelous mangoes for many in Muscatine

Hy-Vee Muscatine gave away 2,700 free mangoes May 13.

MUSCATINE, Iowa–During the COVID-19 pandemic, people appreciate kind actions more than ever. To bring a smile to peoples’ faces, and to provide fresh produce to those who could use it most, Hy-Vee Muscatine gave away mangoes May 13.

In conjunction with Robinson Fresh, an international produce company, Hy-Vee Muscatine acquired 7,200 mangoes (nearly 6,000 pounds of produce in total) to give away. The day of the give away, store employees passed out boxes filled with 12 mangoes each to anyone who came to get them. To allow people to safely pick up the mangoes in a low contact fashion, Hy-Vee stacked the boxes of fruit in the parking lot where workers in masks carefully loaded them into peoples’ cars. Hy-Vee hoped the mangoes would help people, especially those struggling to make ends meet during this difficult time, benefit from the fresh, nutritious food.

The mangoes proved exceptionally popular. People began lining their cars up in the Hy-Vee Muscatine parking lot a full hour hour before the giveaway began. Within two hours, all of the mangoes had gone to families who would enjoy them. Hy-Vee Muscatine employees felt pleased they could assist so many people. Madi, a Hy-Vee Aisles Online personal shopper who recently began working at Hy-Vee to help provide groceries to those who could not safely shop for themselves, liked finding another way to use her work to benefit the community.

During these challenging times, people appreciate the human connections that even short visits provide, and the generous gestures that local businesses make to bring the community together, even as people continue to social distance. Through their massive mango giveaway, Hy-Vee Muscatine brightened the day of many local families and gave them fresh fruit that will help feed and nourish them for days to come.