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    Hy-Vee starts COVID-19 vaccination for people 65 and older

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    MUSCATINE, Iowa–As COVID-19 vaccination begins to ramp up in Muscatine County, pharmacies and doctors’ offices will soon receive shipments of vaccines. Initially, these vaccines will go to people 65 and older as part of Phase 1 Tier 1B of Iowa’s vaccination plan. On Feb. 10, Muscatine Hy-Vee received its initial allotment of 200 doses of COVID-19 vaccine, making it the first pharmacy partner in the county to offer them. They began vaccinating eligible patients the same day.

    Speaking on the Muscatine Today Show the morning following the delivery, Hy-Vee Pharmacy Manager Dr. Nicole Duehlmeyer shared her enthusiasm for getting to administer the vaccines. “It’s very exciting,” she glowed. “It’s the next step for our community to be able to hopefully go back to whatever normal is.”

    Duehlmeyer anticipates receiving shipments of vaccine each week, with the number of vaccines increasing in about a month’s time to allow them to provide both first and second doses to those who register for them. “When you sign up for a vaccine with Hy-Vee, you are guaranteed that second dose–you even have the time and date when you come in for the first dose,” she emphasized.

    Though the Iowa Department of Public health has not provided a schedule for when they will deliver Hy-Vee’s weekly vaccine supply, Duehlmeyer shared that Hy-Vee will make vaccine appointment registration available online as soon as they come in. She encourages people ages 65 and up to check the Muscatine Hy-Vee Facebook page regularly to see when vaccines come in and to sign up for an appointment at https://www.hy-vee.com/my-pharmacy/covid-vaccine-consent. For those without internet access, the Hy-Vee customer service department now has an iPad they can use to help people view vaccine availability and to schedule their appointment online. Hy-Vee will provide all vaccines for free, but requests that everyone who signs up bring their Medicare card with them for recordkeeping purposes.

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