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    Interaction was nothing short of positive – Chief Talkington

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    MUSCATINE, Iowa – The Muscatine Police Department plans to continue monitoring events occurring in Muscatine and the surrounding area to keep residents informed with current updates and known facts according to Muscatine Police Chief Brett Talkington.

    Talkington said that the Department has not received any information that anything else will occur other than the potential of another peaceful protest occurring at the intersection of 5th Street and Mulberry Avenue Tuesday (June 2) evening.

    On Monday night, Muscatine Police report that there was a peaceful protest at the corner of 5th Street and Mulberry Avenue on Monday (June 1) night.

    “I commend the protesters for expressing their rights in a positive way,” Talkington said. “The interaction between the protesters and law enforcement was nothing short of positive.  I greatly appreciate the cooperation of the protesters and officers alike in how they conducted themselves.”

    In light of what is happening around the country and even closer to home in Davenport, Talkington said it was nice to see how Muscatine responded to the tragic event that unfolded in Minneapolis a week ago.

    “I, for one, saw people at their best last night protesting,” Talkington said. “They were friendly and even thanked the officers when we drove by. That shows me the compassion they have in doing so in a lawful way.”

    Talkington said that the Muscatine Police Department will remain diligent each day moving forward to do their very best to serve the citizens of Muscatine and Fruitland in a professional way.

    “We are committed to keep moving in the right direction and gaining trust from our community,” Talkington said. “We have worked hard to build positive relationships within the community.  We can all play a role to keep our community peaceful and safe.”

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