It Takes A Village
by Tony Tone
April 05, 2020

The old saying it takes a village to raise a child should be updated to it took an incredible support system to help my family navigate the last 30 days. How else would I be able to work 55-60 hours last week? It wouldn’t be possible without the support of my support system.

 At the top is my wife, Kasey, who not only is an essential worker, but the leader of our family. Somehow, she managed to adjust her work schedule to fit when school was initially suspended. Kasey is the ultimate doer–she immediately takes action and makes things happen. I’ve been known to be a bit of a talker (can you believe that?) whereas Kasey is already three steps ahead as I’m pontificating about step one. My three children are incredibly blessed to have her as their mom. I know that Henry, Theodore, and Lucy have enjoyed all of the quality time with Kasey, even when it can be stressful.
 Our support system also includes my mom, Sheila, who uprooted her life from Oak Park, Illinois ( a Chicago suburb) nearly three years ago to come to Muscatine. My mom did home daycare for over twenty years, and I could never tell her enough how much it means to me that she’s here. I really should tell her more because she’s truly been an asset to my family. 

When we lived in Oak Park (from the time I was twelve) my grandparents (my mom’s parents) lived four blocks away and we saw them all the time. The majority of my aunts and uncles lived close and had an open-door policy, you know, the house you could just drop by without notice. Maybe that’s why the word “play date” makes me cringe.

 Our support system also includes my mother in-law, Kim, who is tremendous and helps us whenever we need it. I hope she knows that I’m grateful for her role in my children’s lives and for the support. As I’m writing this (7:03 pm on Friday, April 3rd) Kim had just left after keeping an eye on the kids while my wife worked. 

My thanks continue with my father in-law, Craig, who again is always willing to help and is a short drive away. Craig, we thank you for being near and your help! 

Folks, I know things will get better and that the need to lean on our support systems will lessen. My hope is that you retain a sense of perspective and remember to stop and say, “thank you” to those who are constantly there for you. 

Be well, wash your hands, and know that I’m rooting for you. If you find yourself without a “village” know that we have resources in this wonderful community to help.

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