Jeff Osborne to run for vacant Second Ward council seat

MUSCATINE, Iowa–When Jeff Osborne took early retirement from Proctor & Gamble after working for them for 20 years, he and his wife, Melissa, wanted to find a place where she could continue her jewelry business, Creations by Oz, and their youngest child, Hanna, could grow up. After some research, they decided on Muscatine, as they loved the river and the feel of the downtown.

Before coming to Muscatine, Osborne earned a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering from Iowa State University, and a master of business administration degree in finance from the University of Minnesota. Prior to his time with Proctor & Gamble, Osborne worked for the United States Department of Energy in Ames, with a focus on research and development for solar and wind power generation and ethanol fuel. Currently, Osborne serves as the senior engineer for MidAmerican’s Louisa Generation Station.

Outside of his work, Osborne has volunteered with Rebuilding Together, Second Saturday, and at Calvary Church. He also helped with a reconstruction project on the Vineyard Church and supports the Salvation Army of Muscatine County. Along with his wife, Osborne operates both Saint Mary’s Bed and Breakfast and the Emerald Loft. He also maintains the Muscatine Community News Facebook page.

While working through the permitting process for various projects on his two properties, Osborne grew interested in the city’s operations. He appreciated the construction work they did around the city, but believed that more careful planning and execution could make them faster and less intrusive for area residents. A desire to better serve and protect Muscatine residents and to push for more affordable housing let him to run for city council representing the Second Ward. “I bring a fair amount of very applicable experience for the role,” he stated. “I can bring better customer service to planning and project management.”