Joint Effort: Butcher’s Vegetables

Have you all tried Butchers Vegetables? It is literally the perfect summer stop for breakfast or lunch! I know, you may be thinking “I am not into all the healthy food stuff”, and trust me, I’m with you. The first time I went, it was mostly to show love and support to my friends and cheer on the amazing powerhouse duo, but then I found something I liked on the first try, which happens to be the sunshine smoothie. I ordered again and found another thing I enjoyed, and the pattern continued on and on! 

But for real guys, it’s not just about the yummy, fresh food. I also love their attention to detail with the beautifully plated food, their giant friendly smiles when you enter, their energy as they holler hello from the kitchen, the fact that they are local folks, and what tops my list is the surprise flowers you find in your bag when you order to go! Go try it because, well, it’s gosh darn yummy!