KENT Pet Group acquires Australian based Lovitts, Our Bird

Margaret Hurlbert
Margaret Hurlbert
Margaret Hurlbert works as the Editor of Discover Muscatine Newspaper.

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MUSCATINE, Iowa–Both in the United States and abroad, KENT Pet Group strives to provide pet owners with the highest quality products to care for their furry friends. “The companion animal market around the world is strong, and we are here to serve it with high-quality products that help build the bond between people and their pets,” said KENT Corporation Director of Corporate Communications, ESG, and Events Johnnie Jindrich. In early July, FibreCycle, an Australian subsidiary of KENT Pet Group, acquired Lovitts and Our Bird, a pair of Australian companies that will allow them to diversify the pet products they provide even further.

For the past several years, KENT Pet Group has expanded their holdings in Australia, which has a large demand for companion animal products. In 2019, KENT Pet Group acquired FibreCycle, which allowed them to add more natural and sustainable pet products to their portfolio, and to lead the Australian market in the production of cat litter. The recent acquisition of Lovitts and Our Bird will expand the number of products KENT Pet Group sells in Australia, which will now include birdseed and food suitable for cats, dogs, chickens, horses, and a variety of other animals. It will also make KENT Pet Group the leading producer of pet nutritional supplements and treats in Australia, two kinds of products that have dramatically increased in popularity in recent years. “Welcoming Our Bird and Lovitts to our family of companies allows us to gain immediate scale in new product categories and expands our strength as a major manufacturer of pet products in Australia,” stated Jindrich. “Combined, and with FibreCycle, KENT is able to bring consumers pet products that improve their lives and make them more fulfilling.”

Jindrich felt confident that the addition of Lovitts and Our Bird to the KENT Pet Group collection of brands would bolster their presence internationally and better serve pet owners in Australia and elsewhere: “We are thrilled. The acquisitions strengthen our team and add a breadth of talent that will make us stronger,” she remarked. “We anticipate that the capabilities that come with these two new companies will strengthen our other global pet and animal health businesses.”

KENT Chairman and CEO Gage Kent and KENT Pet Group President Steve Gordon shared her positive outlook for the two new additions: “Lovitts has a proven record, in its own right, of providing valued products to consumers. I am thrilled to welcome Lovitts to the KENT family of companies as we continue our purpose of helping a growing world do more from field to family,” shared Kent in a recent statement for the media.

“With its expertise in manufacturing a product that animal lovers truly appreciate bringing into their home, Our Bird is a natural addition to the KENT family of companies,” added Gordon in a separate statement.

Though KENT Pet Group has put a lot of effort into expanding their international business, they continue to provide one of their most recognizable products, World’s Best Cat Litter, in and around Muscatine County. Jindrich reminded pet owners, “Every bag of World’s Best Cat Litter you see in stores here in Muscatine, online, and around the country are all proudly manufactured in Muscatine, Iowa by our great employees, made from sustainable, whole-kernel corn grown, for the most part, by farmers within just a 75-mile radius of our plant.”

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