L-M Drama Club to perform ‘How I Met Your Mummy’
by Margaret Hurlbert
March 14, 2022

LETTS, Iowa—If you visited a museum as a kid, you might have wondered what goes on there at night after everyone leaves. The play, “How I Met Your Mummy,” humorously explores this idea, pitting a new, extremely timid security guard against several groups who break into a museum with nefarious plans for a new mummy exhibit. A performance sure to have the audience in stitches, the Louisa-Muscatine Drama Club will perform “How I Met Your Mummy,” March 18 and 19.

Dottie Lawrence, the drama club’s advisor, first had students work on a production of “How I Met Your Mummy,” in early spring of 2020. However, the COVID-19 school closures went into effect right before the show opened, scuttling it for that year.

Though the drama club has grown slowly in the past two years, efforts by Lawrence, as well as Superintendent Mike Van Sickle and teachers in the English language arts department have helped get together enough kids interested in giving acting a try to put on a show.

As students rehearsed and prepared for their performances, Lawrence loved seeing the students get creative with their roles and shape their characters to suit themselves. “I always enjoy working with the kids–it’s fun to see how their personalities affect the personalities of the characters,” she observed. Since Lawrence originally cast different students for the roles in 2020, she has also found it interesting to see how this cast has interpreted the play differently.

The actors have also had fun preparing for their show and have learned many things about theatre and themselves in the process. “One of the things I enjoyed about our play, ‘How I Met Your Mummy’ is how it takes everyone to work together to make the play work,” said Natalie McCleary, a seventh grader.

Fellow seventh grader Ava Ryan added, “being part of the tech crew is also really cool because we are the ones who get to see everything, acting, the costumes, sound effects, lighting, and makeup.”

The Louisa-Muscatine Drama Club will put on two performances of “How I Met Your Mummy” one on March 18th and one on March 19th. Both will take place at 7 p.m. in the Louisa-Muscatine Junior-Senior High School gym, located at 14354 170th Street in Letts. Admission is $5 per person.

With opening night for “How I Met Your Mummy” just a few days away, Lawrence hopes many people will come out and support the drama club’s latest efforts. “These kids have tons of talent beyond athletics–we need to make sure they know their interests are valued,” she emphasized, adding: “this group of kids in particular are putting together a show that will truly entertain you. They are funny and witty and willing to do what it takes to make you laugh.”

The students in the production hope that their on-stage antics will also encourage others to join drama club in future years. Seventh grader Kaylee Nguuen enthused: “The people in the group are all really understanding and patient, as well as Mrs. Lawrence! If anyone ever asks me personally if I would recommend drama club, I would 100% tell them yes. I am looking forward to the show and can’t wait to do Drama Club for years to come.”

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