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Monday, September 20, 2021

    Literally Freezing for Food

    Tony Tone
    Tony Tone has worked as a radio personality in Muscatine and the Quad Cities since 2006. He currently serves as Muscatine Community School District Communication and Community Outreach Director and writes Talk of the Town with Tony Tone for the Discover Muscatine newspaper.

    Muscatine Living

    Mother Nature must have known Freezing for Food would be going on this week! I was hoping for a mild weather week, but alas, cold temps are back. It shouldn’t come as a surprise since we live in Iowa, a state that saw snow on Halloween! I’ll never forget a few years back when it was so cold, we had to huddle around a small heater and even that stopped working!

    Folks, this week I need your help to once again fill the Tan Tara Transportation Corporation’s Hawkeye Hauler truck. It’s parked in the Hy-Vee lot, located at 2400 2nd Avenue here in Muscatine. The need is for non-perishable food that will all be donated to The Salvation Army to feed those in need. This is my seventh year for this community campaign, and I know come Friday we will have rallied together to fill the truck.

    I’m asking that you spread the news about Freezing for Food. Perhaps you’ll challenge friends to see who can donate the most food. Or, if you’re in business, challenge a competitor to step up to the plate, all while supporting the greater good.

    You know that I’m not one who is afraid to make a challenge, so I’m personally calling out the following businesses and individuals to donate food: Carver Pump; Lewis Industrial Services; CBI Bank & Trust; Team Staffing Solutions; Cody, Quinn Riess with the Muscatine County Sheriff’s Office; Dan Stein with CountFast; Joel Kraushaar at Kent Food; Mike Rankins with The Land of Oz; Tom McCleary at Star Collectibles; Myron and the Pizza Ranch crew; Sam Vitale with Sal Vitale’s; and lastly, my pal Frank Fritz from American Pickers. If by calling someone out (in a playful way) leads to increased food donations, I’m all for it!

    We have people in our town that are hungry and do not know where their next meal will come from. That doesn’t sit well with me. Let’s pack the Hawkeye Hauler and ensure those who need food have access to it. I appreciate you for reading this, now it’s time to take action and be the change.

    I’d also be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge Troy “Stinky” Philpott who will deliver several thousand pounds of food this week! How incredible is that? Stinky’s House of Horrors continues to be a success year after year and that is just great!

    You’ve got until this Friday, December 13th to donate. You will not be able to miss the beautiful Hawkeye Hauler as you drive on Highway 61. At Hy-Vee, we make it easy to donate with the $5 bags of nonperishable food, and new this year, we will even sell you an entire pallet of food. Just let me know by calling (563) 264-2420.

    Last but not least, we will need help unloading the truck this Saturday, December 14th. Meet at The Salvation Army, 1000 South Oregon Street at 9:00 am and be ready to work! Perfect opportunity for local groups, students that need silver chord hours, and anyone that can lend a hand to help make a difference!

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