Living History: LeOrra Fahy

MUSCATINE, Iowa–In 1938, the first Superman comic book went to press, Orson Wells famous “War of the Worlds” broadcast thrilled and frightened listeners across the nation, and the United States worked to pull itself out of the Great Depression. That same year, Muscatine native LeOrra Fahy graduated from Muscatine High School. For over a century, Fahy has experienced Muscatine’s history first hand and made her own contributions to a city she loves.

On Dec. 14, 1941, LeOrra Fahy married her husband, Richard Fahy. The couple enjoyed 72 years of marriage before Richard Fahy’s death in 2014. Together, they raised three children, Tom Fahy, Peggy Heither, and Diane Miller.

A hard worker, Fahy originally held a job at the Charles P. Handley Law Office before taking on the role of secretary at Grace Lutheran Church. Her husband also worked for several prominent Muscatine businesses, including Muscatine Power and Water and the Krieger Motor Company.

An avid traveler, Fahy loved traveling whenever she got the chance. Over the years, she traveled with both family and friends to a variety of both domestic and international destinations. She considers her trips to Maui, Hawaii and Aruba some of the best adventures she ever went on.

Even so, Fahy and her family valued all of the time they spent doing everyday things in Muscatine as well. “Working in Muscatine kept us staying local, and we really enjoyed those jobs and our family enjoyed the riverfront and walking through all the parks,” she shared.

More recently Fahy moved to Bickford of Muscatine and has enjoyed this latest chapter of her life in Muscatine. In particular, Fahy appreciates the safe environment Bickford provides for all of its residents. She has also found a friendly community of residents and staff there and welcomes the increased social time she has had since moving there.