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    L&M students showcase skills through job fair advertising

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    LETTS, Iowa–With summer only a few weeks away, high school students and others have begun looking for summer work. Wanting to help students and others in the community seeking work, a school board member began coordinating with the junior-senior high school counselor to set up a job fair April 28. When business teacher Kathleen Herrig heard about the job fair, she knew right away it would provide the perfect opportunity for her students to get experience marketing an actual event.

    In class, Herrig told her students about the fair and helped them think about who they should market the job fair to and what resources they could use at school to create marketing materials. Students then researched job openings in nearby cities that attendees at the fair could apply for, developed a flyer highlighting the employers who would attend the fair, and the resume and interview skill assistance attendees could receive, and looked into the different ways they could disseminate their flyer (such as physical posters, on Facebook, and in local newspapers, just to name a few).

    Through their marketing campaign, the students hope to encourage many of their classmates, as well as students at other nearby schools, and members of the general public to come out to the job fair. Running from 3 to 6 p.m. the fair will have 20 employers on site, as well as teachers and IowaWORKS staff on hand to help with creating, updating, and printing resumes as well as practicing interview skills. As an added bonus, anyone who attends the job fair may eat free pizza and enter to win one of several door prizes.

    Reflecting on her students’ work, Herrig believes they did an outstanding job marketing the job fair: “I really am proud of what they came up with for our event. We had a lot of information to distribute in a short amount of time, and I think they did great,” she said.

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