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    Local Author Mark Anderson Holds Cancer Prevention Workshop at MCC

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    A forty-three-year resident of Muscatine, Mark Anderson has contributed to the community in many ways over the years. From serving as the pastor of the Church of the Living Water to helping put his seven children through Muscatine Community College, Anderson worked hard over the years to better his community. More than five years ago, Anderson received a diagnosis of stage four inoperable lung cancer, even though he never smoked. Given poor odds for survival, Anderson knew he needed to find a way to fight his cancer, and through a combination of chemotherapy, diet, and faith, Anderson overcame his disease. Now, Anderson continues to give back to the community by sharing what he learned about preventing and treating cancer through his book, Answer for Cancer: Nine Keys, and free hands-on workshops.

    On July 23rd, Anderson led one of his workshops in the Student Center of Muscatine Community College. While previewing the event, Anderson shared that he would focus on the importance of finding support while going through cancer treatment, how following the Budwig Protocol helped him recover from cancer, and how his faith helped keep him strong and continues to inspire him to share his story and advice with others.

    When discussing the importance of having support, Anderson explained, “one of the first things I recommend . . . is [to] find a mentor. My book is a mentor for people, and there are a lot of other resources–maybe they’re better mentors than me. But cancer is so complicated, I recommend finding somebody other than your doctor who can walk you through the cancer steps.” Building on a sentiment expressed by many other survivors, Anderson emphasizes that finding someone to help you navigate your cancer treatment can make the process less stressful and lead to better outcomes.

    Along with the need for support, Anderson also shared that he considers following the Budwig Protocol an equally important part of treating and even preventing cancer. A diet developed in the 1950s by a German scientist, it’s restrictions on sugar, most processed foods, and many dairy and meat products, and promotion of eating combinations of flaxseed oil and cottage cheese work to make the body less likely to create cancer cells. Though supported more by anecdotal evidence than scientific research, Anderson found this treatment highly effective in his case and used the workshop as an opportunity to let people taste Budwig Protocol friendly recipes.

    Finally, Anderson felt that his faith kept him anchored throughout his battle with cancer and helped him find his voice and help others treat and prevent the disease. He stated, “I want to speak at churches, civic clubs, [and] colleges because I have a message. It helped me and it can help others . . .. the message I want to give to the community [is that] there is hope after [a] cancer diagnosis.” Through his recent workshop and the advice he gives in his book, Anderson has indeed gotten his message into the community and will continue to help those in Muscatine fighting cancer.

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