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    Louisa-Muscatine implements mask requirements

    Louisa-Muscatine Community School District (LMCSD)
    Louisa-Muscatine Schools is located along the Mississippi River south of Muscatine, Iowa. Our school name comes from being part of Louisa and Muscatine counties. Included in our district are the communities of Grandview, Letts, Fruitland, Cranston, and Muscatine. With this population base, our school district has approximately 1,100 students. Information about the city of Muscatine can be found by clicking here. The Louisa-Muscatine district encompasses a harmonious blend of farm land, industry, business and growing residential areas. Although located in a tranquil, rural setting, we have quick access to many cultural centers and events in neighboring cities such as Iowa City, Davenport-Rock Island, Muscatine, Chicago, St. Louis, and Cedar Rapids. With our close location to larger cities and closeness to the recreational aspects of the Mississippi, Iowa and Cedar Rivers, our growing rural community benefits from its location, its resources, and its common-sense people.

    Muscatine Living

    LETTS, Iowa–Nov. 18, the Louisa-Muscatine school board voted to require everyone on school property to wear face masks when unable to social distance. The superintendent and principal will develop specific definitions of when people must wear masks and when they may take them off. Official groups using Louisa-Muscatine school buildings may follow their own mask requirements. All students had the opportunity to get a reusable face mask at school today and may request more reusable or disposable masks in the future. Superintendent Mike Van Sickle’s communication to families follows below:

    I am writing to let you know that the Louisa-Muscatine School Board voted last night to require face masks by individuals on school property.  The official motion was in part . . .

    It is required that all students wear facemasks, except when social distancing is possible as determined by the building principal and superintendent or anyone on Louisa-Muscatine school property unless determined differently by a ruling body (Examples: Girls Union, Boys Assoc., Music Assoc.).  This policy will be implemented into the return to learn plan and reviewed monthly by the superintendent and board president.

    A face mask was given/offered to each student at school today. If more are needed, please have your child request for another one at the school office. Face masks will be needed to board a school bus or attend a class starting tomorrow, Wednesday, November 18.  Disposable masks will be provided when needed.

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