Make it Muscatine: Dittmer Tree Service
by Margaret Hurlbert
February 06, 2022

MUSCATINE, Iowa–Before 2020, Catherine and Sean Dittmer had not thought a lot about tree care services. However, when they needed one to care for some wind damage on their property, they discovered reliable services can prove hard to come by. Catherine Dittmer remembers, “after the durecho, we started talking to people about tree services because we were having trouble finding a service that was responsive and we found out that this was a need people had for a long time.”

Dittmer Tree Service has served Muscatine County and the surrounding area since January of 2021.

Driven to fill this need, the Dittmers started doing their research on tree care techniques and what makes for a good tree care business. In January of 2021, they founded Dittmer Tree Service and went to work helping people in and around Muscatine County remove dangerous trees and care for trees of all ages to keep them healthy and beautiful for years to come.

A full-service tree care company, Dittmer provides a full selection of services. For young trees just getting established, Dittmer offers pruning to make sure trees grow in an attractive and sturdy shape, which can help them live longer.

For established trees, Dittmer can provide regular maintenance pruning to remove any damaged limbs or those that have gotten too close to a building or utility line. They can also assess and treat trees for many common pests and diseases and offer guidance for preventing issues in the future. “Having someone with that background knowledge is key to keeping a mole hill from turning into a mountain,” she stressed. “We really care about the environment and preservation.”

If a tree has sustained significant damage or died, Dittmer can safely remove it. Regardless of what service you contact them for, Dittmer Tree Service always provides a free consultation and estimate to help customers know exactly what they will need done for their trees and how much it will cost. They also carry more than the recommended amount of insurance to ensure that if any mishap occurred that home or business owners would not need to pay for it. “We want to be sure homeowners are protected from any liability with our insurance,” Catherine Dittmer emphasized.

If you have any trees you would like Dittmer Tree Service to work on, Catherine Dittmer invites you to contact them by calling 563-396-3894, emailing, Facebook messaging them, or by completing the contact form on their website. “We try to return calls within 24 hours, so customers know that we care about them and will coordinate with them,” Catherine Dittmer shared.

In the past year, the Dittmers have enjoyed meeting many people through their work and providing high quality service to each of them. To meet more customers this year and help the Muscatine area continue to thrive, Dittmer Tree Service joined the Greater Muscatine Chamber of Commerce and Industry this year. “We’ve spent a lot of time in Muscatine over the last few years–we think it has a lot of potential, and we want to be part of the potential,” Catherine Dittmer said.

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