Make it Muscatine: Macaw Creative Co.

MUSCATINE, Iowa–After commuting two hours each day to her last job, Rebecca Hardman felt ready to change things up. She started seeking work closer to home, but did not find any positions well-suited to her. Not one to give up on her dreams, she decided to found her own company. “Not finding what I was looking for I kinda just threw out the idea of starting a business to my husband one day, and he’s always been really supportive of my ideas, and he told me to go for it, so I did!” shared Hardman. ” I’d always wanted to start my own business, but the timing never seemed right, and with my husband and I talking about kids, it kinda felt like now or never.”

Rebecca Hardman, owner and designer for Macaw Creative Co.

What started as just an idea morphed into Macaw Creative Co. Focused on design work, Hardman primarily helps customers with branding and logo design as well as Squarespace website development. However, Hardman also enjoys using her skills in numerous ways, and will also assist customers in designing pieces for social media, illustrating, and in creating printed works, including business cards, pamphlets, and posters.

As the owner and designer for Macaw Creative Co., Hardman enjoys both the creative opportunities her work affords her and the flexibility it gives her to balance her home and work lives. “Besides being able to work from home and set my own schedule, I really enjoy having a lot more creative freedom with the projects that I get to work on and being able to learn and work on all areas of my business,” she said.

Since first opening Macaw Creative Co. in October 2019, Hardman has valued working with clients from across the country and across town. “It’s really cool when I get the opportunity to work on a project with someone in another state–I’d love to complete a branding project for a business in all 50 states someday,” she mused. “But, having the opportunity to work with someone local is really special because you get to see how they bring their brand and business to life after you send off the final files,” she added.

Focusing on this aspect of her business, Hardman reached out to the Greater Muscatine Chamber of Commerce and Industry and in 2020, Macaw Creative Co. officially joined. “I really wanted to be able to partner with local businesses in the area, and I felt that becoming a chamber member would encourage other local businesses to work with me,” she reflected.

As Hardman continues to grow her business, she encourages local companies to take a look at her work via her website and Facebook page and to reach out and explore what Macaw Creative Co. can do for them. “My goal with Macaw Creative Co. is to create thoughtful and strategic branding and compelling website design so when you choose to work with me you can be confident knowing your brand is in good hands from start to completion,” she emphasized.