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    Make it Muscatine: Mississippi Valley Workforce Development Board

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    MUSCATINE, Iowa- Since the merging of two smaller workforce boards in 2020, the Mississippi Valley Workforce Development Board has worked to help Muscatine County, and seven surrounding counties, ensure their employees and businesses receive the support they need to thrive in a difficult economy. As Mississippi Valley Workforce Development Board Executive Director Miranda Swafford outlined, “our board contracts with service providers to provide programs and services to adults, dislocated workers, and youth through the IowaWORKS centers in Davenport and West Burlington, along with other county offices.”

    For those looking for a job or to increase their job related skills, the Mississippi Valley Workforce Development Board offers several programs. These include career exploration opportunities, tuition assistance for certain job training and certificate programs, support services, and on the job learning opportunities offered in partnership with employers.

    The Mississippi Valley Workforce Development Board also provides supports for employers in need of new employees or those looking to increase employee retention. These services feature programs to help find and keep quality employees, employee trainings, and options that can help reduce the cost of human capital (such as through prepaid job listings and advertisements with no placement or recruiting fees).

    Through all of their programing, the Mississippi Valley Workforce Development Board strives to find beneficial solutions for both employees and employers that can help grow the local economy. “Our board members are volunteers that are dedicated to improving the programs and services in Iowa to prepare a future ready workforce,” emphasized Swafford.

    After their first year of serving Muscatine County and the surrounding area, the Mississippi Valley Workforce Development Board continues to look for ways to help each of the communities they serve thrive. To that end, they joined the Greater Muscatine Chamber of Commerce and Industry. As the two organizations begin working together, Swafford hopes to help reach even more area workers and employers and assist them in the ways that suit them best. “We joined the Muscatine Chamber of Commerce to better collaborate with the business community to meet their workforce needs,” Swafford shared.

    Whatever part of your career you find yourself in, Swafford encourages you to reach out to the Mississippi Valley Workforce Development Board and to take advantage of the services they have available. “If you are an individual wanting to go back to school, advance in your career, or need work experience or supports to achieve your career goals, please contact us,” she stated.

    Likewise, if you own your own business, Swafford urges you to look into the different ways the Mississippi Valley Workforce Development Board can help you grow and keep your workforce. “Additionally, if you are a business that is looking to expand, hire, upscale your current workforce, or looking for strategies for retaining employees we have the solutions your workforce needs.”

    If you would like to learn more about the Mississippi Valley Workforce Development Board, Swafford recommends you visit their website, http://www.mississippivalleyworkforce.org/.

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